• Parasite (Review)

    I’ve often reiterated the idea that Cannes Film Festival is much more appreciative of true filmmaking quality than the mainstream film awards, or at a very minumum than the Academy Awards. I am curious to see, based on the […]

  • 6 Great Racing Films

    With all the hype surrounding Ford v Ferrari, I decided to make a list of great films which have one thing in common: fast cars. I decided to skip animations (Cars would have otherwise made a fine addition to […]

  • October 2019 Winners

    Hello there, the winners of October 2019 have just been announced! Congratulations to everyone involved and hope to see you soon at TMFF. You can see all the nominees and winners HERE or below:   Best Feature – Paolo […]

  • October 2019 Nominees Announced

    Hello there and congrats to all our nominees of October 2019! We remind you that voting for the audience award is still open until tomorrow tonight (31st of October), when we will announce our winners as well. We wish […]

  • August-September 2019 Screenplay Competition Winners

    Hi there, The winners of the August-September Screenplay Competition have just been announced on our website as well as on our social media pages. You can see all winners and nominees here: https://tmff.net/winners/screenplay-competition/august-september-2019/ Therefore, Sumathy Ram and Charles Leopardo […]

  • The Idiosyncratic Ingenuity of Yorgos Lanthimos

    It was a rainy and cold October evening in Glasgow, back in 2015, when I decided to set forth to the cinema. The roughly 7-minute walk offered me the distinct privilege of making decisions based on nothing in particular. […]