• ARENZ: The Final Quarter*

      Rising from small-town roots to collegiate basketball stardom, Lauren Arenz’s dreams are challenged by a season-threatening injury in her last year. As she battles to salvage the rest of her career, Lauren confronts the ultimate decision: walk away […]

    Apr 4, 2024
    United States 22 Minutes Jacob Phillips
  • Another Route*

      Another Route” tracks a young black man’s basketball journey, exposing a cycle of unrealized NBA dreams and exploring his challenges and newfound identity.   *Only a trailer is available for now.

    Feb 16, 2024
    Canada 5 Minutes Kerbens Boisette

      An insight into the mind of the Camden Caretaker, journeyman, Robbie Chapman. A unique character in the sport of boxing, once known as a prospect, now known as the best looking journeyman in England. Caught between desire and […]

    May 6, 2023
    United Kingdom 5 Minutes Hussain Mohamed Hassan, Sean Kardar
  • CUS: Turning Pro

      Constantin ‘CUS’ Ursu is a young successful amateur boxer from Moldova, who travelled to the UK to turn professional in the pursuit of a better life. Under the guidance of his new coach Marlee Dann, in the small […]

    Mar 12, 2021
    United Kingdom 17 Minutes Steven Weaver

      ‘OPEN YOUR MIND’ is an expressive short film with words that come to mind if we embrace our passions and focus on the things that make us happy, rather than the things that weigh us down.  

    Jun 3, 2020
    United Kingdom 2 Minutes Toby Eynon-Lewis
  • 7in7*

      ‘The Dream is free, but the journey isn’t’ Jon Norman and Lewis Blois set out on a journey to complete 7 Marathons in 7 days.   *Only a trailer is available for now.

    Apr 26, 2020
    United Kingdom 56 Minutes Dave Watts
  • Extraordinary People*

      Original Title: Extraordinary People – The Burns Victim & The Bosphorus The most heroic feats of human endurance are often performed quietly, and by people that you may never hear about. Two time Olympian and sports scientist, Professor […]

    Apr 17, 2020
    United Kingdom 22 Minutes Ben Hull
  • Winning Wildcats (TRAILER)

      Winning Wildcats is a story about an all-black female high school basketball team in Georgia that made history by winning three consecutive state basketball championships in the 60’s.   

    Feb 28, 2020
    United States 1 Minutes Forrest Tuff
  • Our Cup of Tea

      The story of England’s first world cup win. Narrated by Tim Healy. In the heart of the North East of England in West Auckland, County Durham, a humble team of miners crossed the ocean over 100 years ago […]

    Dec 19, 2019
    United Kingdom 16 Minutes Rob Kilburn
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