Elba and Paula are spending the day at the pool of the resort where they’re staying. That’s when they realize how well they’re doing since they first met, a long time ago. But when exactly did they first […]

    Jul 12, 2024
    Spain 29 Minutes D ( Edduardo Viera )
  • A Long Way From Cairo*

      A young woman must break-up with her long term boyfriend and eldest friend.   *Only a teaser is available for now.

    Jul 10, 2024
    United Kingdom 12 Minutes Dipo Ola
  • Bert & Amanda

      Bert & Amanda are getting back together…but should they? The on-again, off-again millennial couple navigates their relationship and friendships in London.  

    Jun 10, 2024
    United Kingdom 10 Minutes Joe Olmstead
  • Death Date*

      Boy Meets Girl on the Day of His Death.   *Only a trailer is available for now. Death Date Film Review

    Mar 11, 2024
    United Kingdom 16 Minutes Alex Mathieson
  • Before Nikkah*

      Sara and Is(Isaam) are fated to meet in advance of a possible marriage they don’t want and end up having to the spend the day together to kill time.    *Only a trailer is available for now. […]

    Feb 25, 2024
    United Kingdom 92 Minutes Haider Zafar
  • L+T*

      A young woman makes a heartbreaking love confession to a stranger in a snack bar. None of them imagined how far this will go.   *Only a trailer is available for now. L+T Film Review

    Feb 24, 2024
    Bulgaria 18 Minutes Nevena Nikolova
  • Our Island of the Mangrove Moons*

      A remote mangrove island’s fisherfolk resist oblivion when their daily lives and stories face annihilation by a foreign power. The mangroves engrave their histories on the moon: No island nor no people should ever be forgotten.   *Only […]

    Dec 1, 2023
    Philippines 86 Minutes Anton Juan
  • Oh! (TRAILER)

      Nara’s (35) marriage has become boring and so has her attitude towards life. One day, instead of going to work she decides to walk around the city and ends up at her childhood neighbourhood. She meets Lucia (56), […]

    Aug 31, 2023
    Brazil 1 Minutes Diogo Hoffer
  • Adeus*

      William and Mila are best friends and they both love each other for a long time. They always go to this beautiful place to hang out in nature and talk about life. But this time, something is and […]

    Jul 27, 2023
    United States 10 Minutes Rachael Omane, Amanda Tyler
  • I Am Yours: The Moment Of No Return (TRAILER)

      In a quiet corner of Ukraine, Sofia and Mykyta lived an ordinary life, filled with laughter, love, and occasional arguments. They cherished each other and reveled in the simple pleasures of their carefree life. Their days were adorned […]

    Jun 29, 2023
    Ukraine 1 Minutes Dmytro Koturanov
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