• Those Who Desire*

      In Southern Spain, a peculiar pigeon race with hand painted colors, will award not the fastest one, but the one that will seduce a female pigeon and fly the longest along her side.   *Only a trailer is […]

    Switzerland 24 Minutes
  • Cernunnos*

      Nature has its Guardian and his name is Cernunnos. He seeks to maintain the cycle, where everything lives and dies, like a deer who loses his woods in winter to recover them in the summer. However, it would […]

    France 10 Minutes
  • Galápagos, The Enchanted Islands*

      After a brief historical account of the genesis of the archipelago, we are sailing from one island to another on the footsteps of Charles Darwin. At first, there was only solidified lava. Still, thousands of years later, the […]

    France 52 Minutes
  • Element*

      Man and water one element.   *Only a trailer is available for now.

    Colombia 4 Minutes
  • Above and Below*

      “For ‘Above and Below’ I was given permission to quietly observe and film the only current nesting colony of the Magnificent Frigatebird in the continental U.S. As the first Artist in Residence in 2015 on Loggerhead Key a […]

    Australia 2 Minutes
  • Moosehead’s Wicked Good Plan*

      The state of Maine was the epicenter of the global paper industry for over a hundred years. Companies like Great Northern Paper, S.D. Warren, and Scott owned 60% of the state’s 17 million acres of forest land. As […]

    United States 32 Minutes
  • Moving Forest**

      Palm oil is the cause of massive deforestation in Indonesia. Through habitat destruction, indigenous populations and entire ecosystems are directly threatened. In Borneo and Sumatra, NGOs and local individuals take action on site. : they show us how […]

    France 27 Minutes
  • Don’t Frack Our Future

      Don’t Frack our Future is a provocative documentary, which seeks to explore the growing opposition to the controversial debate on fracking in the UK. From the stance of anti- campaigners, It challenges the assertion that hydraulic fracturing is […]

    United Kingdom 15 Minutes
  • Worst Shark Attack Ever

      Worst Shark Attack Ever is a brand new short (21 minute) environmental documentary with an introduction by Leonardo DiCaprio and cameos by The Cure and MGMT which explores the horrific carnage humans inflict upon sharks. We cruelly slaughter […]

    Costa Rica 21 Minutes
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