Andrei Florescu

Andrei Florescu is an award winning director and screenwriter who has studied film & television at the University of Glasgow, graduating in 2016. During his college years, in 2014, Andrei directed and wrote his first short film, selected at the Short Film Corner at the Cannes Film Festival as well as at festivals in the United States, Italy, Belgium, Brazil, Portugal and India ("Best Film" and "Best Original Soundtrack Nominee"). In 2015, he founded TMFF - The Monthly Film Festival and two other international film festivals and a screenplay competition, the latter liaising with Oscar-winning mentors and partners. In 2017, Andrei directed a short documentary that was selected, among others, at a BAFTA-qualifying competition. His latest short film (finished in 2019) was acquired by Shorts TV, the first and only worldwide network dedicated to short films, and that is available to 100 million homes. He has also been nominated and awarded for his screenwriting work.

Benjamin Rider
Film Director, Writer and Cinematographer

Benjamin Rider was born in Harare, Zimbabwe. At the age of three, he moved to South Africa for a year, and then onto Israel for most of his childhood before moving to London (UK). He now resides in Hampshire (UK), and has recently become the new Festival Director of the nearly 20-year-old Maverick Movie Awards. His recent feature film releases include Our Little Haven (distributed by Bayview Entertainment) and People in Landscape featuring Gina Gershon and Oscar nominee Eric Roberts (distributed by Summer Hill Films).

Alex Mill
Film Producer and Director

Alex Mill has her background in photography and editing, she spent years in a drama group during high school and she's been directing short films since the age of 15. Currently she is working in London, United Kingdom, as an assistant director and producer, having also been involved in projects such as Justice League, Transformers: The Last Knight or Tomb Raider. As a recurring theme, Alex often brings the troubles of obsessed minds to the screen, much like in her first feature, The Immovables.

Marie Vandelannoote
Director, Screenwriter and Producer

Marie Vandelannoote is a self-taught director, screenwriter, editor, producer and former radio host. Very early, her love for films lead her to spend all her time in video rental stores where she discovered and watched all possible movie genres from old classics to horror. She began her career at the age of 16 in a radio station in Lyon (France) where she started to write horror stories. Since then she has been writing for a French television series as well as for adventure/horror video games and also horror short stories for literary magazines in France or Quebec. Since 2016, she wrote, produced, edited and directed all her short films starting with the fantasy drama "The End of the Movie" that was a success and won several awards. Fan of horror and gothic stories, she later shot "The Shroud", a 30 minutes long short that confirmed her success by winning Awards in many festivals around the globe. Her last short drama "Funeral" explores another genre and is currently in the Festival circuit. She is currently working on the feature version of "The Shroud" planned to be shot by 2021 in Canada.

Ciprian Iacob

Ciprian Iacob is a highly talented creative mind and music coordinator, already established as film music composer, with 6 years of experience in the industry gained through numerous fruitful projects in Romania, the UK, France and the US. His recent collaborations included the center state performance in The Masterpiece event-concert in 2014, a project involving top industry names such as Hans Zimmer, Thomas Bergersen, Uyanga Bold and others. Driven by a deep and passionate love for what he does, Ciprian Iacob is a constantly-evolving musician, with justified ambitions of one day becoming an important influence on the next generations of composers, having put his irrefutable mark on the effervescent art form which film music is.

Rafael Rodriguez
Screenwriter and Critic

Lawyer of South American origin. Screenplay writer, Critic, Novelist and Cinephile. He´s been involved in several indie projects both from the inside as short movie scenarist and the outside as an analyst and consultant. His juridical background makes him objective and detail oriented while his love for the seventh art makes him very passionate and dedicated.

Andrei C. Serban
Writer and Critic

Andrei C. Serban has a PhD in poetry at the University of Sibiu (Romania), being a literary critic and author of a volume of poetry, and who has discovered his great passion for theatre and film during his college years. He is one of the official reviewers of the Sibiu International Theatre Festival, while his increasing interest in the world of cinema and visual arts in general has resulted in several articles published in academic journals, gaining experience in film and screenplay reviewing. He collaborated with Transylvania International Film Festival (TIFF) as local organizer and host, leading a series of discussions with the invited actors and directors.

Julian A. Leu
Screenwriter, Critic and Marketeer

Julian A. Leu has been passionate about stories and films since he was a kid and could operate a VCR before he mastered talking. He later discovered his passion for putting words on paper - writing and adapting several plays during high school, as part of the theatre club. His academic career eventually took him in a different direction – he got his Bachelor’s degree in Business Management from the University of Glasgow, and his Master’s degree in the same field from Maastricht University – but his inclination toward the film industry never faltered. Julian subsequently became an award-winning screenwriter, with ‘Best Screenplay’ prizes from festivals in Italy, Russia and Venezuela, as well as nominations from competitions in Israel and Peru. Currently based in the Netherlands, Julian is fascinated by creative approaches to storytelling, non-conventional filmmaking and intertextuality.