• The Joy Block*

      A celebration of Brazilian Samba music and dance through the eyes of Portland’s own Bloco Alegria.   *Only a teaser is available for now. The Joy Block Film Review

    by Admin United States 9 Minutes
  • Behind Sound

      Saxophone genius Wojtek Goral invites us to a story behind sound. Wojtek is one of those, who through a fascinating music career, has mastered the art of the sax to its finest details. This is a film about […]

    by Admin Sweden 3 Minutes
  • Echo Park Blues*

      ‘Echo Park Blues is the story of a washed up jazzer, saxophonist Teddy Bender, who has written the song of his life–if only someone would listen, as he takes one last swing at success, at redemption, at love. […]

    by Admin United States 17 Minutes
  • Shape*

      FORMA (Shape) is the last album from HYSTERIOFUNK, but it’s not just an album, it’s a Disk-Book, a multidisciplinary work that deserves a Movie. HYSTERIOFUNK it’s a rock-funk-psychedelic and instrumental band, so they are not welcomed in the […]

    by Admin Spain 10 Minutes
  • Musical Artefacts

      Its full title – Musical Artefacts: Exploring the Cultural Engagement with Physical Music – aims to highlight the joy that people still feel about music and address the concerns about the current state of music consumption and appreciation […]

    by Admin United Kingdom 17 Minutes
  • Delayed Cinema

      Delayed Cinema is unique look at the world of instrumental rock music. By combining dramatic photography, color and music, this original documentary series sits down with the bands behind the sonic tapestry of post-rock music to explore what […]

    by Admin Germany 7 Minutes
  • The Composition*

      Acts of Creation. Broken Time. Alienation. Resistance. Death. Peter, orchestral conductor, drops in on his past, two suitcases in hand.   *Only a trailer is available for now.

    by Admin Italy 22 Minutes
  • Hexagonal Mirror*

      Hexagonal Mirror is an timeless experience. A sound and visual journey through the confusing projections of protagonist´s mind. He is aimless, flirts with suicide and need help to rebuild his own existence. Around him, the architecture of a […]

    by Admin Brazil 24 Minutes
  • Forever Young

      On the last night in August, Nikos will make love for the first time. When September dawns, Maria will start her new life.  

    by Admin Greece 20 Minutes
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