• Still Trying*

      ALEX (25) is finally ready to move out of the house. That is, until her recently divorced mother breaks down after hearing her wedding song.   *Only a teaser is available for now.

    Aug 1, 2020
    United States 11 Minutes Nicole N. Nequinto
  • Clouds*

      A comedy drama about a character who struggles to deal with ADHD. Stuart moved to London to find a job, but things are not working out how he expected. Rejection fills his every day when a surprise call […]

    Aug 1, 2020
    United Kingdom 93 Minutes Velton J Lishke
  • Soy No Soy (TRAILER)

      On the first day at his new school, Mathias is given the worst possible homework: write an essay about yourself – in Spanish. The timid Mathias struggles to find the words. A minor identity crisis – en español […]

    Jul 30, 2020
    Denmark 1 Minutes Frederik Paludan
  • Diversion*

      Joël, a small town journalist, goes to cover a case in the French countryside. When he stops after running over a dog on the road, he finds himself trapped in the stories he usually writes.   *Only a […]

    Jul 12, 2020
    France 20 Minutes Mathieu Mégemont
  • Koselig (noun/verb)*

      “Koselig (noun/verb)” is a mockumentary comedy about Slow TV, a real-life Norwegian phenomenon that can best be described as “marathon television coverage of an ordinary event in its entirety”. At its heart, it is a simplistic yet endearing […]

    Jul 9, 2020
    United States 10 Minutes Cassie LeFevre
  • Big Break*

      So you want to become an actress in LA? How original. Deena, a young actress, thought it was finally her time to shine when she got a part in a movie with Clooney. But in this industry, people’s […]

    Jun 17, 2020
    United States 13 Minutes Dicle Ozcer
  • Some Cats of the Neighbourhood

      Ma’am in her 50s continues her life isolated from the human beings. Every day at the same time, she leaves the house and feeds the cats in the park. One day on the way back home from the […]

    Jun 8, 2020
    Turkey 20 Minutes Emre Sefer
  • The Snake Pit – Episode 4

      Nikola Tesla is about to encounter … Who? The conclusion of Tesla’s appearances on The Snake Pit is a Doctor Who parody like no other!  

    Jun 3, 2020
    Canada 13 Minutes Caitlin Major
  • OG Handshake

      Do you have a handshake with an old friend that you remember to this day? Jake and Gerrome certainly do, with a few little extras…  

    May 3, 2020
    United Kingdom 4 Minutes Ryan Burnham, Luke Robson
  • Ascoltati*

      Ascoltati is a comedy that wants to deal with the issues of human relationships, wants to play with people’s destiny and fragility, friendship and pain mix together, but, in this time emotions are the winner.   *Only a […]

    Apr 1, 2020
    Italy 90 Minutes Andrea Recchia
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