• Archie Faulks – ‘What For’

      Things continually go wrong for Archie as he goes about his day in North London, however, with earphones in, he endures these hapless incidents and experiences occasional periods of respite. ‘What For’ echoes the view that music is […]

    United Kingdom 4 Minutes
  • Simoom

      “Simoom” is an experimental animated shortfilm / music video about everyone’s struggles in daily life.  

    Austria 6 Minutes
  • Wallpaper

      This is the music video of Carla Stark’s song Wallpaper.  

    India 2 Minutes
  • Disruptor

      Liv is unhappy. Her boyfriend Dean is helping her to pack her things. She appears to be leaving him. They travel by car to an industrial location and carry the boxes to a disused workshop. Her belongings are […]

    United Kingdom 3 Minutes
  • Dance of the Elements

      The power of wild nature, grace of human and beauty of music harmoniously merge into elegant dance.  

    Russia 5 Minutes
  • When The Monkeys Run The Zoo

      In times like these it seems like the monkeys have taken over the zoo but too many people haven’t notices or don’t want to realize it.  

    United Kingdom 5 Minutes
  • SOJU

      While intoxicated with soju, an artist reflects on his fears, and confronts his demons that emerge from his delirium tremens.  

    United Kingdom 3 Minutes
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