• Northiness*

      This video was inspired by a novel called “Night” of Russian classic writer Ivan Bunin.   *Only a teaser is available for now.

    by Admin Russia 3 Minutes
  • Ginkgo

      Ginkgo highlights the starkness of urban life and industrialization while urging us to reconnect with the natural world. A powerful depiction of how disconnected many of us have become to the ‘wild’ world around us.  

    by Admin Spain 5 Minutes
  • Not Easy – Benjamin’s Brother

      A music video for the single “Not Easy” out of an upcoming album by the band “Benjamin’s Brother”. Shot in Siberia, on the magnificent frozen Baikal lake. The video features a man in an endless journey, looking for […]

    by Admin Israel 4 Minutes
  • Elliot Moss “99”

      This video is about the separation and the journey that follows it. After a motorcycle accident, a couple comes to cross a dreamlike world while each one is going into a comatose state. It is throughout this journey, […]

    by Admin France 4 Minutes
  • My Ghosts

      Everybody wrestles with inner demons, and in unique ways. This video touches on multiple topics, including alcohol, drugs, and depression in general, with the hope of bringing more awareness to all.  

    by Admin United States 4 Minutes
  • La Más Tierna

      Music-video by El Miku for the song “la más tierna” (the most tender one) by “el doctor ramona”. A hymn to the simple joy of loving each other just because.  

    by Admin Spain 3 Minutes
  • Everything was double

      The lyrics are an excerpt of the “Symposium”, the dialogue by Plato about the origins of love. The story goes that once upon a time human beings had three genders – male, female and androgynous – and were […]

    by Admin Netherlands 4 Minutes
  • Marije

      It’s incredible to think about how the love between two people can give life to new stories, new dreams, new memories among people who, without that spark, would not be on this earth now.   

    by Admin Italy 3 Minutes
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