• Bones

      Music Video Bones by Georgia Water  

    United States 3 Minutes
  • Look Away

      Sometimes, dealing with the past is the hardest thing you can do.  

    United Kingdom 4 Minutes
  • Lover and a Giver

      The video follows the lives of two people: a busy wall street man who ignores the world around him and a generous bohemian woman who finds beauty in being kind and inspiring those around her. It’s when they […]

    United States 3 Minutes

      We all wanted once to go back to our younger age and live that carefree life to have a chance to make the right decision that can change things in the future. We all want to escape from […]

    United States 3 Minutes
  • Joyride

      Joyride explores the optimism of facing fear to triumphantly become the person you’re meant to be in life. The video is a testament to that belief exploring how a surfer boldly attempts to conquer the ocean while a […]

    United States 3 Minutes
  • Same Old Scene

      A camera moves slowly through the outer city at dusk. Through new apartment blocks, factory roads, car parks and concrete it meanders through, searching off the linear paths and roads looking for a new space between the architecture. […]

    United Kingdom 5 Minutes
  • The First Time

      A short film about love in a world where it is forbidden.  

    United Kingdom 5 Minutes

      With the excuses of “culture” or “patriotism” as a justification for the atrocities that are discussed daily with animals, the videoclip invites reflection on the world we have created.  

    Spain 4 Minutes
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