• Rooted in Shadow

      New Balance recently moved into basketball and released its Omni 1S shoe with NBA player Kawhi Leonard. The Rooted in Shadow project was meant to translate their global Basketball launch into a local campaign. Eyeforce found the true […]

    Netherlands 4 Minutes
  • I’m Here*

      Kiev, year 2019 – total copying of style, attitudes, hobbies. Unreasonable obsession with everything new, trendy, lack of autonomous thinking, lack of truth and real desires. The new generation stopped asking themselves – what do I really want […]

    Ukraine 4 Minutes
  • Redemption

      Fashion film for Katerina Fikarova (Fikars Beauty) Make-up, Styling, SFX effects and Air-Brush. This Film is about 4 stories of girls from fashion/showbusiness and different feelngs. In this video we try every Skills what my clients Katerina can […]

    Czech Republic 5 Minutes

      Human race is scarce due to environmental destruction and the proliferation of cities by artificial intelligence. One man is traveling to survive alone in this world.   

    Japan 2 Minutes
  • Black Dust

      Two rival tribes from the future meet one another in the woods to fight an epic battle. But as the battle ensues, members of each tribe witness one another and begin to see how similar they are.   […]

    United States 4 Minutes
  • Archie Faulks – ‘What For’

      Things continually go wrong for Archie as he goes about his day in North London, however, with earphones in, he endures these hapless incidents and experiences occasional periods of respite. ‘What For’ echoes the view that music is […]

    United Kingdom 4 Minutes
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