• Skidoo

      Music video: taken from the second album ‘POINT FINGERS’ by THE GURU GURU.  

    Jun 11, 2020
    Belgium 4 Minutes Senne Driesen
  • Forlorn Hope

      “Forlorn Hope” sets to music the sad account of a helpless witness to the exponential disasters of his planet. A lament which, through its multiple dimensions: violence, insalubrity, cleavage, utters a desperate cry. If the world is gradually […]

    Jun 2, 2020
    France 5 Minutes Moreau Pauline

      A futuristic journey through parallel worlds. Is there a chance to return to the starting point?  

    Jun 1, 2020
    Belarus 4 Minutes Vladimir Nefedov
  • Tame

      Tame is a coming of age story exploring the spectrum of masculinity and the beauty of brotherhood.  

    Jun 1, 2020
    United Kingdom 4 Minutes Kalina Pulit
  • Grow Up

      Grow Up is a journey of inner and outer struggle of being a boy; an emotional pendulum, oscillating between anger and play, strength and vulnerability.  

    Jun 1, 2020
    Poland 4 Minutes Kalina Pulit
  • Eusa

      A young singer feeling alone comes back to his family island : Eusa.  

    May 11, 2020
    France 5 Minutes Marceau Uguen
  • Socially Distant

      Socially Distant is a visual album following artist Jeremi “Dende” Lewings through his time during the COVID-19 pandemic with struggles from past loved ones. Dende is premiering unreleased music throughout this short film.  

    May 2, 2020
    United States 8 Minutes Austin Beatty
  • Ending the Affair

      Ending the Affair is the music video for the single of the same name from Joe James Lewis. Released on Earth Day 2020, the film is a surreal/comedic celebration of the outdoors through a nautical love affair.  

    May 2, 2020
    United Kingdom 3 Minutes Joe Lewis
  • Cabin Fever*

      Self-isolation leads to self-introspection. From getting comfortable in the first moments of quarantine to the full blown loneliness of cabin fever, this music video portrays the psychological effects of dealing with yourself under extreme circumstance.   *Only a […]

    Apr 22, 2020
    Germany 5 Minutes Jonathan Tilley
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