• Nocturnes

      Nocturnes is a timeless, tragic love story of a man who is obsessively searching for his one and only love. Built on memories and dreams, the search is never ending. He sells his soul so that he could […]

    Jan 2, 2021
    South Africa 4 Minutes Brad Devine
  • Love’s worst nightmare

      In an abandoned building, a woman kneels on the floor, staring at a small box in front of her. Meanwhile, a man floats in a large lake, his eyes closed. Suddenly, he opens his eyes, staring up at […]

    Jan 2, 2021
    Luxembourg 3 Minutes Philippe Funk
  • Fabian Berka – My love

      Music video for Czech musician Fabian Berka about that beautiful bohemian nature, love and loss.  

    Jan 2, 2021
    Czech Republic 4 Minutes Martin Kolembář
  • MITYA – Close My Eyes

      A man is struggling with the personalities that inhabit his head and wreck a havoc in his life. One day he comes across a strange ad offering free psychological help. It leads the hero to a peculiar doctor […]

    Dec 8, 2020
    Russia 5 Minutes Timofey Sharagin

      Betty is a thumbsucker. She often finds a quiet place to have a peaceful time with her thumb. But it is always hard to find a suitable place. She enters an empty classroom to have some private time, […]

    Dec 1, 2020
    United States 6 Minutes Junseok Eom
  • LUVLY – ‘Bones’

      LUVLY is stalked by three censorious figures of his imagination as he strives to overcome the effects of baring his ‘bones’.  

    Dec 1, 2020
    United Kingdom 3 Minutes Jack Gould
  • Stagecoach Sally

      Our story begins in 1850, in the Old West of California. A young girl, lost in a haunted desert, meets Death himself—an outlaw. He “buries her alive” in an old steamer trunk, but she survives! “Stagecoach Sally” lives […]

    Nov 19, 2020
    United States 3 Minutes Shayna Adler
  • La domenica Delle Salme

      The video is a dystopic story about an alien doctor who gets some dead humans to analyze and finds out something disturbing about them.   

    Nov 15, 2020
    Romania 4 Minutes Lucian Alexandrov
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