• The Cadaver (TRAILER)

      Three medical schools students organize a spoofing ritual on the school cadaver for fun. The results of this ritual will be fatal.  

    Jan 30, 2023
    Turkey 1 Minutes Volkan Özgümüş
  • Interviewing Lance Masterson*

      In 1970’s Georgia, notorious criminal–Lance Masterson has finally been arrested, but do they have enough on him to put him away for good?   *Only a trailer is available for now.

    Jan 10, 2023
    Ireland 18 Minutes Sohaila Lindheim
  • Little Love Story*

      A man fell in love with a deceased girl.   *Only a trailer is available for now.

    Dec 15, 2022
    Italy 17 Minutes Davide Serra
  • The Family Man*

      Roger is the perfect Family man, but he keeps secrets , secrets that must be buried deep.   *Only a trailer is available for now.

    Dec 10, 2022
    United Kingdom 27 Minutes Velton J Lishke, Joshua Blewitt
  • Waiting For Nicko*

      Nicko is late. Is he too late?   *Only a trailer is available for now.

    Nov 7, 2022
    United Kingdom 19 Minutes Howard Perry
  • Cognition*

      We journey through the symbolic landscape of the subconscious mind as we follow the story of an unbreakable bond between father and son. A bond that transcends SPACE AND TIME.   *Only a trailer is available for now. […]

    Nov 6, 2022
    United Kingdom 25 Minutes Ravi Ajit Chopra
  • The River (TRAILER)

      Sarah retreats to the river to escape family drama, but discovers something far more disturbing lurks beneath the water.  

    Oct 30, 2022
    United Kingdom 1 Minutes Liam Banks
  • The Divine Protector*

      The occult club members are holding a ritual ceremony to summon the divine protector, “Master Salt” to help their friend, who has been struck by mysterious incidents. She appears with a blast of wind and sees through the […]

    Oct 11, 2022
    Japan 120 Minutes Hiroshi Akabane
  • Behind You*

      Natascha leads her friend Adam to an abandoned hospital to get in touch with Natascha’s deceased mother. With the help of a witch ritual, the two manage to call the dead mother. But they have no idea what […]

    Sep 24, 2022
    Austria 22 Minutes Martin Holper
  • Dissociating Vulnerability*

      The main character “Shinya” lost her mother in a traffic accident. A woman appears in front of Shinya. The woman can only be seen by Shinya. Fairy? Ghost? Shinya must know.   *Only a trailer is available for […]

    Aug 26, 2022
    Japan 55 Minutes Nobuo Nakagawa
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