• All Through the Night

      In the beginning of the 20th century an old and poor couple is living alone in their house in the middle of nowhere. One night they are visited by a stranger, who asks for shelter.  

    Czech Republic 20 Minutes
  • Seedling*

      After facing another miscarriage, a couple finds itself on the brink of the abyss. The husband’s refusal to acknowledge their unborn child’s death pushes their relationship to the limit, challenging the grieving wife to accept the impossible in […]

    Switzerland 19 Minutes
  • Remembrance*

      Two broken souls find one another on the road to recovery that reveals they share an even deeper connection. Part of the Bad Things, Good People anthology.    *Only a trailer is available for now. Remembrance Film […]

    United States 13 Minutes
  • The Radicalization of Jeff Boyd

      A businessman, Jeff Boyd, dreams of living in Australia where his friend Morton, a crazy bakery shop owner, already has settled down. Morton keeps trying to persuade Jeff to come down soon and help him in his bakery. […]

    Switzerland 116 Minutes

      Struggling British queer female artist, Anna, is witness to a tragic event and consequently becomes a revered artist. But should she stop at the height of success or just end it there?   *Only a trailer is available […]

    United Kingdom 112 Minutes
  • Art. 640 (TRAILER)

      “Art. 640” tells the story of Andrea, a young graduate who have to organize a scam to corrupt justice and get out of investigations concerning the disappearance of a girl.  

    Italy 2 Minutes
  • Clustifer

      When cluster headache illness takes over,all hell breaks loose and life becomes a living inferno, will Karim be able to overcome his Clustifer?    Clustifer Film Review

    Lebanon 14 Minutes
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