• Edge of Mind*

      In the gripping drama short film “Edge of Mind,” André, surrounded by friends in a bar, struggles with a growing darkness within. As the night progresses, he finds himself confronted by his inner turmoil in form of a […]

    Nov 26, 2023
    Switzerland 3 Minutes Keanu Maier
  • Dawn*

      After sending a risky text, Eve spirals on a visual and emotional journey through space, time…and her bedroom?   *Only a trailer is available for now.

    Nov 26, 2023
    United Kingdom 4 Minutes Michael Kearney

      SCRUPUS is an interdisciplinary research. In it I conduct artistic and technical methodological research and investigate the possibilities of interaction between dance, film and architecture. In their encounter I search for the conditions and possibilities of mutual effects […]

    Nov 13, 2023
    Switzerland 15 Minutes Timo Paris
  • Soft Spoken*

      Soft Spoken is a silent film noir that follows two mimes, Pinky and Bluesy, as they navigate a world of silence and physical expression. While their performances bring joy to others, they witness brutal violence and grapple with […]

    Oct 27, 2023
    United States 6 Minutes Nathan J. Lee, Maytham Thurman
  • La tête dans les étoiles

      The work is characterized by a subjective approach to multimedia perception in the sense of the zeitgeist, in which our body image gains a central role in the creation of individual myths and gains enormous power. The experience […]

    Oct 23, 2023
    Switzerland 12 Minutes Timo Paris
  • Farewell Dreams*

      By an overdose of a supposedly performance-enhancing drug, Thomas experiences a hallucinative dream trip in which he kills his ex-girlfriend. Or did he kill her in real life?   *Only a trailer is available for now. Farewell Dreams […]

    Oct 9, 2023
    Germany 14 Minutes Daniel Wolters
  • Simulation*

      Are you living in a simulation? According to Nick Bostrom’s Simulation Theory, we are most likely living in a simulation, but what would that actually mean?   *Only a teaser is available for now.

    Sep 19, 2023
    United Kingdom 3 Minutes Danae Islas de Leon
  • Ashen Realities

      ‘Ashen Realities’ is a contemplative and visually captivating cinematic reverie that invites audiences to reflect on the inherent tensions between dreams and reality. It offers a thought-provoking narrative that examines the complexities of yearning for change, the allure […]

    Sep 9, 2023
    United States 4 Minutes Daryl Ferrara
  • Runt*

      We follow the journey of a young woman and her conflicting emotions and sense of impending demise as she interacts with four other ‘masked’ and seemingly predatory creatures in the wilderness. Expressing themselves through interactive dance and movement […]

    Sep 9, 2023
    United Kingdom 4 Minutes Bess Noakes-Kettel, Brendan Void
  • Choice (TRAILER)

      Vlad dreams of mountains and hears the words of a poem by an unknown voice. Vlad wakes up from the alarm clock, at first he thinks that everything is fine, then he realizes that he overslept. Quickly gathers […]

    Aug 31, 2023
    Ukraine 1 Minutes Andrii Vasylovych Komakha
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