• Alpha Channel 59 – Tram

      Alpha 59 is the new De Agostini group channel targetted at a male audience. Over two days of shooting, I directed three short cinema-style promos, each telling a story which begins with an everyday situation before moving to […]

    by Admin Italy 1 Minutes

      Travel through the minds of two dancers at the BOLSHOI Ballet in Moscow, as they journey from rehearsal to the stage.  

    by Admin United States 2 Minutes
  • Chasm*

      A film in two segments – the first part a dying woman recalls events from her life, and the second an ambiguous and surreal journey about a man lost in the cosmos.   *Only a teaser is available […]

    by Admin United Kingdom 10 Minutes
  • One Step Forward

      A social spot about existential fears and the challenge of changing your path of career.   Password: 977F18i

    by Admin Germany 4 Minutes
  • A Gift from Rome

      Rome, the Eternal City has endured for over 2,800 years and has a history and an appeal like no other city in the world.  

    by Admin Ukraine 3 Minutes

      Confused and frightened, Daníel wakes up in a dark and mysterious room. With only a wedding ring to remind him of his past, he sets out to find the wife he has forgotten, fearing for her safety.   […]

    by Admin Iceland 7 Minutes
  • Don’t Look, I’m Dying*

      A hypochondriac is trapped at a party; worse yet, inside his own head.   *Only a teaser is available for now. Don’t Look, I’m Dying Film Review

    by Admin United States 6 Minutes

      DYBBUK is a compelling ghostlike love story that shows the creation of the painting through the process of dance. The sound score re-imagines dialogue and music from the original motion picture by the same name.  

    by Admin United States 3 Minutes
  • YY

      This shortmovie is about all women, living in different worlds. Connected with their primal force and, at the same time, confronted with their subjective deadlines. The “YY chromosomes” encourage them to multiply themselves in order to create a […]

    by Admin Netherlands 5 Minutes
  • Tiny Ark Part II (TRAILER)

      We created this parody film purely for fun. As a video agency, we naturally put most of our creative energy into making great content for our clients. With this piece – shot by, directed by and starring Tiny […]

    by Admin Ireland 2 Minutes
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