• Trumpet Player (TRAILER)

      About a person who starts to question his line of work, he wrestles between his duty and morality.  

    Apr 30, 2024
    Australia 1 Minutes Felino Dolloso
  • Phantom (TRAILER)

      Two lovers fight at night and one of them decides to leave and takes a ride from a friend to the lighthouse.  

    Apr 30, 2024
    China 1 Minutes Kaiyu Dong
  • Everyone is Afraid*

      A woman who has problems with her past wants to try a new psychological treatment called Phobos, an AI supported Mental Purification Program. After a while she feels losing her sense of reality.    *Only a trailer […]

    Apr 15, 2024
    Turkey 30 Minutes Çınar Nazım İleri
  • Slowly drifting – The Art of Communicating

      In the midst of their turbulent relationship, Tracy and Dylan stumble upon a mysterious recorder harboring lessons in communication. However, as Tracy becomes ensnared by the addictive allure of the recordings, their once-struggling connection spirals into deeper disarray. […]

    Mar 8, 2024
    United States 11 Minutes Philemon Makini
  • The Last Day of Winter (TRAILER)

      An old man goes to the same place again (ten years ago) to commit suicide, and he regrets it.. but death comes to him again and tells him: life is a path without return and…  

    Feb 29, 2024
    Iran 1 Minutes Hemin Nikpoor
  • Yvonna

      In the journey of grief, we visit forgotten memories and lost places. Haunted by the shadow of our loved ones, we realise their light substist in the dark.  

    Feb 17, 2024
    Canada 6 Minutes Romain Le Guillerm
  • VIGIL*

      The film VIGIL is the first work of a larger project that brings together an exceptional creative team of writers, performers, dance artists, film makers and community to examine the intersection of public and private safety with race, […]

    Feb 16, 2024
    Australia 14 Minutes Pippa Samaya, Tara Jade Samaya (The Samaya Wives)
  • Dear Diary

      Dear Diary, I can’t sleep. There are so many things in my past I could have done differently. I need to exorcise myself of my former selves.  

    Feb 16, 2024
    Germany 3 Minutes Clementine Decremps
  • Transcendent*

      In the serene realm of a mystical planet, RoRo, an elemental being, thrives in harmonious unity with others and the natural world. But one fateful day, RoRo’s closest friend, LoLo, introduces him to an enigmatic concept: “Earth” – […]

    Jan 24, 2024
    United States 17 Minutes Janelle Christa
  • Monsters

      After murdering her husband, Felicia somehow winds up in the home of Katherine, a strange lady who lives isolated from society. Unable to leave due to poor weather, Felicia is forced to stay for the night…  

    Jan 24, 2024
    United Kingdom 24 Minutes Liz Cvalda
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