• Trust Issues*

      Charlie and Megan, a couple whose madly in love are stranded in an unforgiving desert and bleeding out. Charlie must now lean on Megan to lead him across the border as they attempt to flee authorities. But as […]

    United States 21 Minutes

      Abdullah and Cripple Ziya are gun dealers in the Bozkir district of Konya. They put honesty, honor, and dignity before anything else. Even though Abdullah and Cripple Ziya have opposite personalities, their friendship and partnership go back many […]

    Turkey 111 Minutes
  • For It Is Written*

      Sweden,1891. Beatrice lives alone on the family farm where she is constantly abused by Joel from the nearby village. One day, Olof – Beatrice’s brother – returns after a long stay in America. Haunted by his experiences in […]

    Sweden 17 Minutes
  • The Percy Harris Story*

      Percy is a simple farmer, dragged by a sense of duty into a bloody war that tears him away from his home, his beloved Laurel and their two children. When the war finally ends and Percy is returning […]

    Canada 117 Minutes
  • Go Jalal

      Based in the early 1900’s. A man is traveling through the wilderness in high winter to reach salvation. he is alone with his horse trying to survive. bow fishing in a frozen river. If he reaches his destination […]

    Germany 4 Minutes
  • Ladron*

      A Short Film by Dominic D’Avolio.   *Only a trailer is available for now.

    United States 11 Minutes
  • Hunting Day

      When after a poaching run a hunter is found dead in the forest, the hunters daughter and mentally ill son set out in fathers old milk truck to find the truth behind his death and take revenge.   […]

    Latvia 19 Minutes
  • Bullet Vein (TRAILER)

      The tragic death of a young lady causes a dramatic reunion of an old gunslinger, a prostitute and a suitor. Everyone bears a dark secret on his own and still they are tied to a joint fate. An […]

    Germany 1 Minutes
  • A Fistful of Tickets

      Time is of the essence when a man must get to his destination before it’s too late. He soon faces off against a menacing opponent…  

    United Kingdom 3 Minutes
  • Arizona

      In october of 1885 the fameless López Brothers became known After hijacking the Iowa-Sacramento train. After parting ways in the Arizona desert, trying to get away from American jurisdiction, they will discover that they are being pursued not […]

    Mexico 18 Minutes
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