• Pas De Deux*

      A short film set in the world of Ballet following a gifted man that works and a ballet teacher who decides to take a chance on him. In a world where passion and talent are not enough will […]

    by Admin United Kingdom 19 Minutes
  • Freedom

      ‘Freedom’ deals with the balance between the environment and the individual: Can an environment with guidelines and order creates the feeling of freedom in the individual? Does the absence of order and guidelines create anarchy? Rules and directions […]

    by Admin Israel 6 Minutes

      The film is a choreographic response to the “Black square” by Kazimir Malevich. This piece of art won worldwide fame as a Manifesto of Suprematism, one of the brightest areas of the Russian avant-garde. “Black square” was painted […]

    by Admin Russia 4 Minutes
  • So Long Lonesome

      “I think it’s kind of my way to stay grounded. Like, it’s an escape into… the real world.”  

    by Admin United States 3 Minutes
  • Back to the Wall

      DU Dance (NI’s) inter-generational dance project Alternative Energies seeks to address the growing communication gap between different generations of people and, through a creative process, to encourage the sharing and exchange of ideas, skills and knowledge. Back to […]

    by Admin United Kingdom 7 Minutes
  • id(Entity)*

      A distressed woman seeks solace in her dream world that propels her into constant motion on a transformative journey: Reflecting on her past she began to challenge the negative outgrown self-narratives that had become her inner reality. This […]

    by Admin United States 8 Minutes
  • The Audition

      Beset by doubts, a young dancer sees his performance compromised when she has to confront her fears.     The Audition Film Review

    by Admin Canada 5 Minutes
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