• Another Route*

      Another Route” tracks a young black man’s basketball journey, exposing a cycle of unrealized NBA dreams and exploring his challenges and newfound identity.   *Only a trailer is available for now.

    Feb 16, 2024
    Canada 5 Minutes Kerbens Boisette

      In early 2009, the establishment of the first breast milk bank in Lima, Peru, began to take shape. This initiative involved the collaboration of researchers and healthcare professionals from the National Institute of Maternal Perinatal Health in Lima […]

    Feb 16, 2024
    Spain 23 Minutes Jose Miguel Soriano, Ricardo Macian
  • Black, Queer & Done*

      Black, Queer & Done is an independent feature film exploring the experiences and representation of Black LGBT+ people within the arts, culture and media sectors.   *Only a trailer is available for now. Black, Queer & Done Film […]

    Feb 4, 2024
    United Kingdom 97 Minutes Nyasha Daley
  • Union Street (TRAILER)

      Spanning across three generations, Union Street chronicles the ongoing effects of racism, displacement and the cultural erasure of African Canadians, while examining the systemic mechanisms that destroyed Vancouver’s historic Black community in the 60s.  

    Jan 31, 2024
    Canada 2 Minutes
  • The Other 90 Percent*

      A look at how secondary progressive affects one of the 90 percent of people afflicted with MS who will get it. Part of a potential full-length documentary, this short gives viewers a raw and quick look into the […]

    Jan 22, 2024
    United States 10 Minutes Alexandra Guillossou
  • Meet The Local Hero – Glenn Johnstone*

      “Meet The Local Hero – Glenn Johnstone” is a short documentary showcasing Glenn’s inspiring journey from a bone tumor diagnosis to amputation. With a custom prosthetic leg, he reclaims his passion for biking, celebrating resilience, family, and the […]

    Jan 22, 2024
    United Kingdom 22 Minutes Dragos Teglas
  • Wings

      A short documentary exploring my experiences as a chronically ill trans person.  

    Jan 22, 2024
    United Kingdom 2 Minutes Jack Dixon
  • Mountain Middle Temple – Mural (TRAILER)

      On the top of a mountain in the vast mountains in central China, there is an ancient temple with a history of more than 400 years, which needs to be reached on foot. The murals inside are of […]

    Dec 30, 2023
    China 2 Minutes 王 东琪
  • On These Mountains (TRAILER)

      Pietro is a hermit who lived for 30 years on a ruin in the middle of the Valnerina mountains, without electricity or running water. Now he has found a more welcoming accommodation, but he often returns to his […]

    Dec 30, 2023
    Italy 2 Minutes Andrea Sbarretti
  • 500 Meters Beeline*

      This film is based on a spontaneous idea to depict – in a very personal and emotional way – the lives of different people who live close to Haimburg’s oldest house, the Pfleghaus 1. To reveal who they […]

    Dec 11, 2023
    Austria 55 Minutes Edwin Wiegele
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