• Wanderlust*

      Sarah Jane Scouten is a Canadian folk/Americana songwriter living in SW Scotland. During the pandemic she found the opportunity to train as a medical herbalist — a rigorous four year training programme in herbal medicine. Sarah Jane follows […]

    Sep 15, 2023
    United Kingdom 13 Minutes Thomas Dibb, Mark Lewis
  • Home

      This is a village where Buddhist beliefs prevail, and its name is Yanshou. In 2020, the government told the residents of the entire village to move out in order to turn the area into the largest park in […]

    Sep 5, 2023
    China 25 Minutes Binzhi Zhang
  • The Battle of Lake George*

      As French and Canadian forces threatened British expansion in America, the British ordered William Johnson to form an army. As they marched to eradicate the French garrison at Crown Point, they would engage the French forces at the […]

    Sep 5, 2023
    United States 30 Minutes Andrew Kouropoulos
  • Bone Stories

      Within every bone is a story, the hidden echo of a past life. Bones bear the traces of the life experience of an individual, a community, a people. They help us reconstruct dramatic events, and even reveal the […]

    Aug 2, 2023
    Italy 7 Minutes Gabriele Clementi
  • Community Radio

      Community Radio tells of the important role played by local broadcasters when communities are facing catastrophic events, like massive bush fires.  

    Aug 1, 2023
    Australia 5 Minutes Matthew Thane, Harrison Thane
  • When Hope Breaks Through*

      A disabled professional paddleboarder with a passion for mental health sets out to raise awareness and funding for the youth mental health crisis in Canada by paddleboarding across all five Great Lakes. This feature length documentary will have […]

    Aug 1, 2023
    Canada 108 Minutes Matthew Wagner
  • Fleeting Reality*

      A moving documentary examining the nationally renowned multiple Pulitzer Prize winning photographers of the Louisville Courier-Journal and the emotional rollercoaster ride that all photojournalists are on, ranging from UFO sightings and state fair shenanigans to unspeakable tragedy, sometimes […]

    Aug 1, 2023
    United States 61 Minutes Richard Van Kleeck
  • Sensei from Dhaka

      A short documentary about Sensei Shahnawaz Jinnah, karate master and teacher, born in Dhaka, in Bangladesh, who lives and teaches karate in Sweden. He tells the story of his karate path, reveales what does it mean to teach […]

    Aug 1, 2023
    Sweden 17 Minutes Maciej Szczukowski
  • Rory McIlroy – Nike (TRAILER)

      Rory McIlroy: A Champion’s Journey” is a captivating documentary that chronicles the life and career of golf sensation Rory McIlroy. From his humble beginnings in Northern Ireland to becoming one of the most accomplished golfers of his generation, […]

    Jul 31, 2023
    United States 2 Minutes Djafar Abdelli
  • Dancing With Rainbow (TRAILER)

      “Woman, Life, Freedom” Wounds need healing while are accustomed to the wound you inflict every breath It treats like an ax on a doomed bud I suffer like a bud from an ax blow root me up! hand […]

    Jul 31, 2023
    Iran 1 Minutes Hassan Mokhtari
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