• To Watch the Truth in the Eyes*

      How does the Sarajevo Canton treat disabled people and children with learning disabilities? How are their lives affected by a chaotic and complicated political system? The lives of two families, Hajrich and Sunjich, are very different. The Sunjich […]

    Bosnia and Herzegovina 30 Minutes
  • Broken Window

      Focusing on the graffiti scene in the North East of England this short documentary focuses on graffiti writers to find out why they do what they do and discuss the legalities of graffiti writing.  

    United Kingdom 14 Minutes
  • Journey Home*

      With the number of World War II veterans dwindling, it is important to preserve their stories for generations to come. This documentary features four veterans who served in Europe, the United States, and Iwo Jima between the years […]

    United States 57 Minutes
  • Fentanyl, A Street Battle in Town*

      The documentary which was originally made for ‌‌BBC World Service Persian TV gives an intensive look at life of the most underprivileged people living in one of the ‘Canada’s poorest postal codes’ called DTES (Vancouver Downtown-Eastside).   *Only […]

    United States 41 Minutes
  • The One Who Holds Sovereignty Over Everything*

    A profound and far-reaching choral documentary that ranges from the mysteries of the stars and the universe, to the changes in the global stage, to mankind’s existence and development to recount the wondrous deeds of the Lord of creation […]

    Korea 86 Minutes
  • a film about SLEEPING, DRAWING, (AND OATY MILK?)*

      A short film about BAFTA winner Greg McLeod’s journey to overcoming insomnia with yoga, oat milk and tinctures of valerian.   https://vimeo.com/314251864/d0aecfc285 *Only a teaser is available for now.

    United Kingdom 2 Minutes
  • La Voz Del Silencio (TRAILER)

      Mexico is a land of tremors, a fact often forgotten by its people. On September 19th 1985, an earthquake struck the country’s center, leaving 10,000 dead and millions of victims. 32 years later, on the anniversary of the […]

    Mexico 2 Minutes
  • The Jesse Daniels Story

      Short documentary about the story of Jesse Daniels, aspiring basketball player born in The Polo Grounds Towers in Harlem, NYC.  

    Spain 3 Minutes
  • Aotearoa*

      Shouldn’t we all be taking care of each other? you ask. Have you ever wondered why do we refer to Nature as if it was something outside of us?Just like the land and the wind, the fire and […]

    Portugal 10 Minutes
  • Voices from Zaatari

      Follow the story of two Syrian refugees, Kotaiba, 30 years old, who founded “Acting for Change international”, an organization which provides aid to Syrian refugees and low-income Jordanians in Zaatari Village right out of the biggest refugee camp […]

    France 35 Minutes
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