• K101

      The K101 project is a collaboration between the Munich based customizers Impuls and the artist Fabian Gatermann. We followed them around for a year and documented the rebuilding of this bike from scratch.  

    by Admin Germany 2 Minutes
  • Thu Thuy – mosaic Dreams*

      This documentary film based on original true story about Vietnamese female visual artist Nguyen Thu Thuy and her Public Artworks. She is a founder and lead designer of Hanoi Ceramic Mosaic Mural project, which won the Guinness World […]

    by Admin Vietnam 34 Minutes
  • Magpie Songs

      Set in and around Newcastle, the film follows three aspiring poets as they reflect upon their craft; whilst candidly discussing their involvement in the poetry scene and the world around themselves. The film follows an eclectic cross section […]

    by Admin United Kingdom 9 Minutes
  • Against All Odds*

      Against All Odds is a short documentary that follows three of AFC Bournemouth’s most influential characters throughout the clubs darkest days. Furthermore it explore the clubs plight from a fans perspective, giving a multi faceted recollection of this […]

    by Admin United Kingdom 12 Minutes
  • The Unknown Mountaineers*

      My film is about a group of women climbers living in a remote valley in the Karakoram mountain ranges in northern Pakistan. It shows the women go on climbing expeditions on mountains surrounding their pastures and also shows […]

    by Admin Pakistan 92 Minutes
  • MS, Mexico & Me: Aileen’s Story

      “MS, Mexico & Me: Aileen’s Story” is a health-issue documentary showing one woman’s journey from her home in the Isle of Lewis in Scotland all the way to Mexico to get stem cell treatment for her Multiple Sclerosis. […]

    by Admin United Kingdom 16 Minutes
  • Mon Coeur Greenland

      Seven friends, best yacht crew, ingenious sea chef, own cozy sailboat, warmth and joy inside, chilly arctic summer outside, relaxed hiking, sailing all days and nights long, gigantic bizarre Icebergs, ‘Dear Captain! One more time please around this […]

    by Admin Ukraine 2 Minutes
  • Pearl of Hope*

      Another day, Another Hope. In Uganda every single day is about survival.   *Only a trailer is available for now.

    by Admin Hungary 20 Minutes
  • Agua Negra (TRAILER)

      Enlightening and dark, a journey that starts as a search for closure soon turns into a life changing adventure: struggling with the frustration of not finding fish or, maybe even worse, the one that comes from losing it […]

    by Admin Portugal 1 Minutes
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