Witness the end for Aperture Science as the race to be the figurehead of the future comes to a devastating, avoidable end.  

    May 30, 2022
    United Kingdom 1 Minutes Jonathon Glickman
  • Eraser*

      A boy wants to get hold of a strange box that has the power to erase entire memories or events from his past from an individual’s memory. To get it, however, he will have to come into contact […]

    May 4, 2022
    Italy 9 Minutes Marcello Fiorenzo Valerio
  • I Hear the Trees Whispering (TRAILER)

      Running from his tormented past, a man takes a job in the middle of the woods, only to find his quiet life shattered when it soon turns out nothing around him is what it seems.  

    Apr 29, 2022
    Hungary 1 Minutes József Gallai
  • Unseen*

      A wavering couple embark on a romantic getaway to reconnect. Unwelcome and on haunted grounds, the couple get more than they bargain for when evil manifests.    *Only a trailer is available for now.

    Mar 23, 2022
    Australia 18 Minutes Bonnie Cee
  • Limbo*

      Desperate man held in captivity tries to break out from a never ending time loop using his ability to travel back in time.   *Only a trailer is available for now.

    Mar 11, 2022
    United Kingdom 10 Minutes Anssi Lindstrom
  • CODE-D*

      In the year 2057, citizens of the Federal Government of Japan have been divided into five rankings based on the law. 8 women in Class D live together in a designated shelter. Their arms have been branded to […]

    Feb 1, 2022
    Japan 104 Minutes Kyoichi Komoto
  • The Last One (TRAILER)

      Near future. Madam Victoria is the last inhabitant of the city. After a sequence of events, humanity began a new era on the New Earth. One of the few remaining cities on Earth that are still standing, is […]

    Jan 30, 2022
    Slovakia 1 Minutes Lukas Vizner, Miriam Fulmekova
  • C600: Step Back in Time

      We step back in time to witness the origins of the mysterious Mr X and witness the events that led to the creation of the infamous C600.  

    Jan 9, 2022
    United Kingdom 25 Minutes Blake Ridder
  • Bahamas*

       *Only a trailer is available for now. Bahamas Film Review

    Jan 8, 2022
    Italy 15 Minutes Fabio Orefice, Rodolfo "Belusci" Croce
  • Sector 9S (TRAILER)

      Sector 9S is a futuristic short film depicting life on a distant planet where a group of scientist struggle to keep the colony alive.   

    Dec 29, 2021
    Netherlands 1 Minutes Timo Hensen
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