• Hyper*

      “Hyper” is a fantasy web-series of 5 episodes narrating the struggle of a woman against her Nemesis. It shows the toxic relationship with a narcissistic pervert in an original way.   *Only a trailer is available for now.

    Switzerland 6 Minutes
  • Bucketheads – A Star Wars Story*

      A squad of storm troopers are transporting a POW with valuable information from Yavin 4, but getting off planet will test their mettle.   *Only a trailer is available for now.

    Canada 13 Minutes

      Captain Justice and his team of great heroes were once the protectors of Cosmopolis and adored by all citizens. After having put in jail their sworn enemy, the Scarman, they décide to put masks and capes in the […]

    France 17 Minutes
  • Katrina’s Dream*

      Katrina wishes to have children but her boyfriend Louis doesn’t. She falls in love with his best friend Ron, who becomes the man of her life. One night, returning drunk together from a birthday party, the two friends […]

    Switzerland 84 Minutes
  • Air*

      Kara is a futuristic military officer, stuck in a white, windowless, timeless room. She doesn’t know how she got there – but she thinks she knows why she’s there. As she flips through time and space, there’s only […]

    Australia 12 Minutes
  • Last Breach (TRAILER)

      Aliens have invaded the Earth. After months of conflict, they reach the northern border of Greece, wiping cities and villages in their passage. Will a young man’s courage be enough to overturn the inevitable to the technological superiority […]

    Greece 2 Minutes
  • April (TRAILER)

      A Science Fiction where Jordan Smith is trying to rebuild his relationship with his gifted daughter April and keep her safe from The Others.  

    United Kingdom 2 Minutes
  • Better Half (TRAILER)

      Maggie, attempting to remove her negative thoughts through a treatment at the Eleutheria clinic, only manages to relive the trauma and races out of the building. Venting to her friend, she meets a girl, Ami, that she had […]

    United States 1 Minutes
  • Entitas

      In the cold, lost in the forest on a snowy mountain, three resistance fighters witness a life-changing event.  

    France 5 Minutes
  • Occam*

      A woman named Occam is confined to a strange white room with no knowledge of the outside. Using piano melodies she is able to start piecing together her past life. In completely uncharted territory, Occam must discover the […]

    Canada 13 Minutes
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