Who can submit?

Anyone can.

How do I submit?

Please see all submission methods here:

Can I submit if I’m a student?

Yes, we accept student films.

Are English subtitles required?

If your film’s language is not English, then it must have English subtitles embedded.

What’s the maximum runtime for films?

➡ Short films: 0-40 mins

➡ Featurettes: 41-60 mins

➡ Feature films: +60 mins

What’s the maximum number of pages for scripts?

1-140 pages.

How many projects can I submit?

We accept 2 projects (either films or screenplays) per submitter per month.

Which countries aren’t eligible?

None. We accept projects from any country in the world.

What’s the earliest completion date acceptable?

➡ 2015 for short films, trailers, featurettes or feature films

➡ Any year for screenplays


I don’t want my full film available

No problem. Just include a trailer or a teaser in your submission and we will embed that instead.

I don’t have a trailer or a teaser

Unfortunately, if you don’t want your full film to be publicly available, you would need a trailer or a teaser in order to be eligible. We can move your entry on to the next edition or until you provide one.

Will my film be judged accordingly if only a trailer is available?

Yes. It’s only your full film our judges will be watching and judging, unless you choose to compete for the TRAILER OF THE MONTH award solely.

Are prior screenings/selections acceptable?

Yes, you can submit to our festival even if you have previously been screened or selected to TMFF or other festivals. If you’ve been awarded to TMFF, though, you may not be able to submit the same project for 12 months.

After submission

Will my film be screened?

No, since we are an online film festival, your film will not be screened at a live venue. Our FILM OF THE YEAR winners, however, will be screened in London in August 2019 at our partner festival.

I’ve submitted after the 25th day of the month

In this case, your entry will be moved on to the next edition.

When do you announce the winners?

Typically, all short film winners are announced at the end of each month. Feature film winners as well as screenplay winners are announed once every two months.

How do I vote?

Access the dedicated page of the film you would like to vote for (example: LINK) and click on one of the stars below the title.

What’s the Audience Award?

The audience award is given to the film (or trailer) that receives the most votes (minimum overall of 4 stars out of 5) by the end of the month.

How do I get the winning laurels and/or certificates?

Just e-mail us: send[at] – For winning/nominee laurels please access this page:

Can you delete my entry at the end of the month?

Yes, at your request we can delete either the whole project or only your full film/trailer minutes after the monthly competition ends. Just e-mail us: send[at]


I’ve ordered a review/service. How long does it take?

Typically, it takes up to 10 working days to receive your review/product. If it takes longer, e-mail us to speed up the process.

Are all reviews published online?

By default, promotional film reviews are published on our website. Critique reviews, short critique reviews or screenplay reviews are not published online unless requested.

Can you remove my review?

Yes, at your request we can remove your review from our website as well as from all our social media pages.


Are entry fees refundable?

No, entry fees as well as services fees are non refundable.