• The Murder on Cape Melancholy (TRAILER)

      After becoming the suspect of a brutal hammer murder, Todd Bishop falls into a well of chaos as he discovers the fantastically twisted secrets of his small town, in his journey to vindicate himself and return to a […]

    Jun 30, 2024
    United States 2 Minutes Christian Meier
  • The Collector (TRAILER)

      A mysterious music box rears. its ugly head once again, when a new owner of a small village pub begins to experience strange voices.  

    Mar 31, 2024
    United Kingdom 3 Minutes Stuart Wheeldon
  • Treble Me This*

      A murder mystery circulating three separate crime scenes.   *Only a trailer is available for now. Treble Me This Film Review

    Mar 17, 2024
    United Kingdom 39 Minutes Guy Nicholls
  • The Carrier*

      In his existential crisis, a desperate courier driver is tasked with delivering an ominous package under strange and questionable conditions. Due to his difficult life circumstances, he is forced to accept this offer and thereby grants a higher […]

    Feb 18, 2024
    Germany 50 Minutes Andrei Turcan
  • Monsters

      After murdering her husband, Felicia somehow winds up in the home of Katherine, a strange lady who lives isolated from society. Unable to leave due to poor weather, Felicia is forced to stay for the night…  

    Jan 24, 2024
    United Kingdom 24 Minutes Liz Cvalda
  • The Disappearance of Evelin Gale*

      While David is facing a crisis in his current relationship, a phone call about his ex-girlfriend makes him reflect upon his past decisions.    *Only a trailer is available for now.

    Dec 27, 2023
    Slovenia 28 Minutes Jan Fabris
  • Spectre: Genesis*

      After befalling personal tragedies, Conner Reid (Elijah Jackson) and Viktor Valentino (Anthony Carbone) vow to one another to solve each other’s case and find the people responsible. With the help of Ava Green (Jessica Lowden) and Owen Taylor […]

    Aug 1, 2023
    Australia 138 Minutes Elijah Jackson

      Inviting his girlfriend to dinner one evening, Gökhan wants to show her a new piece of art he just bought. However, the effects of this work of art increase the tension between the couple and the sense of […]

    Jul 31, 2023
    Turkey 1 Minutes Berk Köse, Ferit Doğan
  • The Moment of Eternity*

      A film about a single and aging man whose bleak everyday life is determined by severe obsessive-compulsive disorder. He has not left his property for a long time and tries to avoid contact with the outside world at […]

    Apr 1, 2023
    Belgium 65 Minutes Joshua Cremer
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