Tom hides not only a deformed face behind his flamboyant Commedia dell’arte masks, but also a dark secret that won’t be divulged until decades later.   *Only a trailer is available for now.

    Belgium 25 Minutes
  • Damian*

      Damián, a vampire obsessed with a mysterious woman named Roxana, finds the chance to become her into the eternal, while for Roxana the grief and pain of the lost of her family will take her life into another […]

    Mexico 15 Minutes
  • Something*

      A couple, struggling to cope with a new baby, find themselves unravelling when they begin to suspect a mysterious intruder is in their house.   *Only a trailer is available for now. Something Film Review

    United States 86 Minutes
  • Resolution*

      It’s New Year’s Eve and Yorgos is working at the office trying to finish the annual review for his boss. He is secretly in love with his co-worker Natalia but doesn’t have the courage to ask her out. […]

    Greece 22 Minutes
  • Reverse*

      A man lies dead at a deserted place. How he got there and how it happened is dramatised in reverse.   *Only a trailer is available for now.

    Norway 4 Minutes
  • Retrocausal*

      A mysterious device with the shape of a human heart leads a group of people through a time travelling adventure that will connect their lives forever.   Retrocausal Film Review *Only a trailer is available for now.

    Germany 112 Minutes
  • Galmi*

      A young boy (Jacob) is being bullied while the school administration seems slow to respond to the situation. Inspired by a simple poster, Jacob decides to fight back in an extraordinary way.   *Only a trailer is available […]

    United States 5 Minutes
  • Sarmaga*

      At Sarmaga’s there is no electric light, no music, not even a menu. The only sound is the delicate murmur of contentment of the diners who turn up nightly in the patient hope of seeing the elusive owner, […]

    Brazil 29 Minutes

      Tonya, an African-American woman, has suffered a head injury from a car accident. She is now in therapy and struggles to adjust to the results of her tragic mishap. It’s not until she begins to speak, she discovers […]

    United States 4 Minutes
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