• The Gate (TRAILER)

      The Gate is a four-minute 2D animation. Genderless children are raised inside the walls of a rigid city. At the age of 12, the children are forced to become “adults,” and give up their emotions and memories. When […]

    Jul 30, 2021
    United States 1 Minutes Kino Jin
  • How to Make Electronic Music*

      A wandering musician shows you how he makes electronic music in the wild.   *Only a trailer is available for now.

    Jul 2, 2021
    United States 7 Minutes Rob Thompson
  • Collector

      Inspired by Cabinets of Curiosities’, Collector explores how we have come to understand the act of collecting; seeking to challenge how we perceive the ‘commonplace’ of the world around us and explores the hidden connections between all things. […]

    Jul 2, 2021
    United Kingdom 1 Minutes Cal Lomax
  • Forget Me Not

      In an attempt to preserve her legacy, a cartoon classic wages war on her rebooted counterpart.  

    Jul 1, 2021
    United States 7 Minutes Courtney LeBlanc, Saige Guevara
  • Exit The Escape

      Light and Dark decide to leave behing their escapist fantasies as they now are at a mental and physical breaking point. They journey out of a nightclub through a world that has collapsed around them to a place […]

    Jul 1, 2021
    United States 4 Minutes Drew Bryan
  • Chasing Light*

      “Chasing Light” follows Lilli, an alien flower on a dark planet who survives from the light of glowing dandelions. That is, until she meets Globee, a bioluminescent bee, who begins pollenating the light sources which causes them to […]

    Jul 1, 2021
    United States 2 Minutes Gloria Fish
  • The Statue (TRAILER)

      The sculptor engages with the mud of his sculpture and shapes it.   

    Jun 29, 2021
    Iran 1 Minutes Mohsen Salehi Fard
  • Mothboy*

      An awkward young moth going through puberty must control his attraction towards lamps but finds it difficult when his life becomes a health class PSA.   *Only a trailer is available for now.

    Jun 7, 2021
    United States 2 Minutes Lyanne Rodriguez
  • Storybook Man

      A man worries that the women he loves want some extraordinary man, instead of him.  

    Jun 7, 2021
    United States 2 Minutes Lanessa Miller
  • Duino

      Duino is a story about a young boy named Pete who manages to bring a little robot to life. Little does he know, it will come with a few surprises.  

    Jun 1, 2021
    United States 4 Minutes Austin T Vincent
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