• A Statue’s Best Friend

      In the midst of a rainy day, an unlikely but beautiful friendship forms between a statue and a stray dog.  

    Australia 3 Minutes

      “CRUNCH” is a sci-fi comedy 3D animation. The story starts with the morning of a little, short guy named Bob who just starts working in the space agency. When watching the spaceship launching, Bob is hit by a […]

    United States 9 Minutes
  • One Last Monster*

      Empress Eura, ruler of the distant world of Adin, faces her greatest challenge when she is forced to choose between trusting or killing a mysterious monster who arrives on Adin with a warning that could save or destroy […]

    United States 23 Minutes
  • The Little Bang*

      Two stars crossed celestial bodies striving to close the distance, no matter the cost. Friendship knows no distance even if it means being light years away.   *Only a trailer is available for now. The Little Bang Film […]

    United States 6 Minutes
  • Aspects of Awakening

      A surrealist clay animation, set in an other-worldly dreamscape, exploring themes of awakening.  

    United Kingdom 5 Minutes
  • Simoom

      “Simoom” is an experimental animated shortfilm / music video about everyone’s struggles in daily life.  

    Austria 6 Minutes
  • When The Monkeys Run The Zoo

      In times like these it seems like the monkeys have taken over the zoo but too many people haven’t notices or don’t want to realize it.  

    United Kingdom 5 Minutes

      PLAYGROUNDS is a short film that travels back to the early ’90s, lost deep in the suburbs, absent parents allow forgotten kids to escape to other worlds where they can’t be found.   

    United Kingdom 4 Minutes
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