• Pacific Shore – Mirror

      Mirror drags the viewer into its own maze, following a free-diver in the dark water of its subconscious. During this odyssey, laws of physics are ripped apart and as the different realities merge together, it opens a gate […]

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  • Leave a print*

      A family of arctic foxes learn to cope with the fact that one of them is fading away.   *Only a trailer is available for now.

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  • T. Qaddoumi – Flowers Will Rot

      Our approach for this music video was to create a journey through an ever evolving illustrated world that symbolizes the artist’s inner world and feelings. A world that is formed by a mix of abstract and literal imagery. […]

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  • Dardem: El Reloj

      Dardem’s surreal video for ‘El Reloj’ depicts band’s singer, Pepe Rodríguez, struggling to win over time and running after his future self.  

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  • Sword and Flower*

      Sword and Flower tells a story about memory and reality.A girl seeks for a man who gave her a flower in her childhood. Finally, when she finds the man, she realizes reality is different from her imagination.Sword symbolizes […]

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  • Radiance*

      “Radiance” is a short, semi-autobiographical animation that uses a hand-drawn style. The story centers on a very young girl coping with the loss of her beloved grandmother. Her struggle becomes a journey of self–realization and acceptance.   *Only […]

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