• Pedro Cano – Travel Notebooks*

      The Pedro Cano’s story is about of a son a fisherman of a small town in Murcia (Spain), wich will own and without his having material resources, he has become one of the major figures of contemporary art. […]

    Spain 52 Minutes
  • Gertrud

      Original Title: Gertrud (The Woman Who Did Not Bury Her Talents) Gertrudis de la Fuente, 93, a pioneer of biochemistry in Spain, tireless conversationalist, talks about her life experience: family, education, work…   Password: GLMQNESTINGLES

    Spain 24 Minutes
  • A Big Dream*

      Edward Curtis, the mythical photographer of American Indians, sent a letter to the director of this film before die, talking about his childhood memories from Wisconsin.   *Only a trailer is available for now.

    Spain 16 Minutes
  • Chaja & Mimi*

    Chaja Florentin and Mimi Frons have been best friends for 83 years. Born and raised in Berlin they had to escape to Palestine with their families in 1934. They talk about their complicated relationship with Berlin in a Tel […]

    Germany, Israel 10:35 Minutes