• The Prisoner*

      A short psychological horror set in Victorian England, inspired by ‘The Prisoner’, a poem by Emily Brontë.    The Prisoner Film Review

    United Kingdom 5 Minutes

      Struggling British queer female artist, Anna, is witness to a tragic event and consequently becomes a revered artist. But should she stop at the height of success or just end it there?   *Only a trailer is available […]

    United Kingdom 112 Minutes
  • The Tell-Tale Heart (TRAILER)

      A musical adaptation of the Edgar Allan Poe’s gothic horror story. A man is so disturbed by an old man’s “vulture eye” he resolves to murder and dismember him. But the murderer is driven to madness and confession […]

    United States 1 Minutes
  • Fresh*

      After accidentally doing a ritual, Emily, a Philosophy student, has to face the biggest moral dilemma of all: kill or be killed.    *Only a trailer is available for now.

    United States 11 Minutes
  • Clara (TRAILER)

      This is The Official Trailer of Clara, an italian independent upcoming horror movie.     

    Italy 3 Minutes
  • The Hidden Reflection*

      We all have a dark side. A place full of fears, secrets, monsters. What would happen if we faced those monsters?    *Only a trailer is available for now.

    Italy 13 Minutes
  • The Dark Side of the Moon (TRAILER)

      The story of a detective who was involved in a chain murder case at Tehran in his youth and now, after 40 years, the killer threatens to kill him.   https://filmfreeway.com/TDSOTM  

    Iran 1 Minutes
  • A-Symmetry*

      An obsessive serial killer’s world turns awry when a victim’s tormented husband lands on his doorstep.   *Only a trailer is available for now.

    United Kingdom 14 Minutes
  • Jabbara*

      The monsters don’t live under your bed; but they rot inside your head. This story revolves around a teenage girl, Lina, whose envious mother, Salma, seeks revenge on her. Lina struggles to withstand any and every haunting memory […]

    Lebanon 13 Minutes
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