• Buying Time*

      In a future plagued by deadly diseases, a desperate father must confront the moral implications of an advanced chip technology that grants extra years of life at the cost of someone else’s. He slowly uncovers the truth with […]

    Apr 26, 2024
    United Kingdom 83 Minutes Kris Smith
  • Treble Me This*

      A murder mystery circulating three separate crime scenes.   *Only a trailer is available for now. Treble Me This Film Review

    Mar 17, 2024
    United Kingdom 39 Minutes Guy Nicholls
  • Finest Cuts (TRAILER)

      After being unfairly fired, the introvert chef Alfredo accidentally gets involved in an exclusive chefs meeting, where he discovers a dark world of culinary. As disturbing secrets are revealed, he gets involved in a dangerous web of betrayal […]

    Feb 29, 2024
    Brazil 2 Minutes Murilo Bonini
  • Diabolika*

      Two women are haunted by their past when they receive threatening letters from a man they presumed to be dead.   *Only a trailer is available for now.

    Feb 26, 2024
    Canada 32 Minutes Dexter Wilson
  • Alder*

      A coin always has two sides… Károly and Zsolt are best friends, rivals, and mortal enemies at the same time- so they’re inseparable parts of each other’s lives. After graduating from college, they grow apart but after more […]

    Feb 4, 2024
    Hungary 116 Minutes Levente Nagy Borús
  • Institute: RED HERON (TRAILER)

      Ten incarcerated women from around the world are selected to participate in a new programme that claims to want to better understand the minds of female criminals.  

    Oct 1, 2023
    Ireland 1 Minutes Sohaila Lindheim
  • Spectre: Genesis*

      After befalling personal tragedies, Conner Reid (Elijah Jackson) and Viktor Valentino (Anthony Carbone) vow to one another to solve each other’s case and find the people responsible. With the help of Ava Green (Jessica Lowden) and Owen Taylor […]

    Aug 1, 2023
    Australia 138 Minutes Elijah Jackson
  • Interviewing Lance Masterson*

      In 1970’s Georgia, notorious criminal–Lance Masterson has finally been arrested, but do they have enough on him to put him away for good?   *Only a trailer is available for now.

    Jan 10, 2023
    Ireland 18 Minutes Sohaila Lindheim
  • Rage (TRAILER)

      A seemingly normal family man goes out for a date night with his wife, after a night spent drinking heavily and taking an assortment of drugs, things then take a nasty turn when they return home.  

    May 30, 2022
    United Kingdom 1 Minutes Gary A Wales, David Penman
  • Methods of Mortal Men (TRAILER)

      After the death of their parents, two desperate brothers must now provide for themselves, leading them on a violent pursuit of cash and credence.  

    Mar 30, 2022
    United States 1 Minutes Aaron Tyler Gil
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