• Baobhan Sith*

      Baobhan Sith is a ten-minute short film which follows central character Matthew in 1970s Glasgow. Matthew is a tortured young art student dealing with the recent death of his abusive mother. He tries to escape his pain through […]

    Jul 13, 2024
    United Kingdom 13 Minutes Hayley Louise McGuire
  • ÀSAKA*

      Elba and Paula are spending the day at the pool of the resort where they’re staying. That’s when they realize how well they’re doing since they first met, a long time ago. But when exactly did they first […]

    Jul 12, 2024
    Spain 29 Minutes D ( Edduardo Viera )
  • Big Smoke*

      Set in London on Winter Solstice we follow two absent minded stoners just trying to get high. As their anxieties begin to manifest, the two become a part of an ancient ritual that will change everything.   *Only […]

    Jul 11, 2024
    United Kingdom 15 Minutes Otis Tree
  • The Death of Ivan Ilyich*

      Ivan Ilyich is dead. How well did he live? Adapted from Leo Tolstoy’s novella of the same name, The Death of Ivan Ilyich tells the story of a social climbing magistrate in the late 19th century Russian empire. […]

    Jul 11, 2024
    United Kingdom 29 Minutes Noah Cohen, Alex Squires
  • A Long Way From Cairo*

      A young woman must break-up with her long term boyfriend and eldest friend.   *Only a teaser is available for now.

    Jul 10, 2024
    United Kingdom 12 Minutes Dipo Ola
  • That Summer (TRAILER)

      When Eliot reveals that his parents are forcing him to move away at the end of the summer, his best friend Colby decides to make it their most memorable summer; hoping that reliving their favorite activities will help […]

    Jun 30, 2024
    United States 1 Minutes David A Haines
  • Control (TRAILER)

      British Home Secretary Stella Simmons drives home one night while engaging in an affair with the Prime Minister. A mysterious man remotely hijacks her self-driving car, forcing her on a rampage through London.  

    Jun 30, 2024
    United Kingdom 2 Minutes Gene Fallaize
  • Who Wants To Be Me?

      When Sam discovers he’s won this week’s lottery, he thinks he’s got it all—money, a loving wife, and a perfect family. But sometimes life has a funny way of not playing ball, as Sam’s unlikely win catapults him […]

    Jun 25, 2024
    United Kingdom 9 Minutes Josh Harper, Pip Barclay
  • Third Eye*

      A wandering photographer in the streets of New York unexpectedly forms a connection with a Love Doll around a photographic project tracing the life of a couple made of both flesh and silicone.   *Only a trailer is […]

    Jun 20, 2024
    France 116 Minutes Becquet Genel Tatiana
  • Oranda*

      In the depths of a secluded forest, two estranged protagonists reunite, concealing hidden truths from one another and perhaps even from themselves. As they confront their tangled past, the atmosphere grows increasingly tense. The man boasts of his […]

    Jun 13, 2024
    United Kingdom 27 Minutes Livan Garcia-Duquesne
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