• Abortion (TRAILER)

      The story of this movie is about the life struggle of 6 women. These 6 women had to be tortured and humiliated at different different times in their lives by the men of our Indian society. After that […]

    Feb 27, 2023
    India 2 Minutes Dr Shubhra Basu Aich
  • REACH!*

      Mark is pushed to the limits when he hires a relentless personal trainer to get in shape, in pursuit of his dream woman. Whiplash meets 500 Days of Summer.   *Only a trailer is available for now.

    Feb 12, 2023
    United Kingdom 99 Minutes Marcus Flemmings

      Matt Turner is a police detective as his father, who was murdered for unknown reasons many years ago. Still in the midst of emotional chaos, between hatred and vengefulness, he searches for answers and above all wants to […]

    Feb 12, 2023
    Switzerland 70 Minutes Yanick Wenger
  • Black Cockatoo Crisis*

      Western Australia’s iconic black cockatoos are in crisis. Their numbers have fallen dramatically over the past few decades and all three species in the south-west of WA could become extinct in just 20 years unless something is done […]

    Feb 12, 2023
    Australia 74 Minutes Jane Hammond

      A curse becomes the key that unravels the mystery. The audience watches the lead actor fight with his own self about what he should and should not do, while he falls in love. Later, with many sacrifices, he […]

    Jan 30, 2023
    Greece 2 Minutes Georgios Evangellopoulos
  • The Dawsonians (TRAILER)

      During the first days after the 1973 coup d’état, the political leadership of the Popular Unity government was arrested and transferred to Dawson Island, Magallanes Region, extreme south of Chile and the mainland. The wives of the then […]

    Dec 29, 2022
    Chile 2 Minutes Roberto Riveros Jimenez
  • Tnaash*

      After the August 4th Beirut Port explosion a judicial reform brings about the first trial by jury in Lebanon where 12 citizens are about to decide the fate of an illegal Syrian refugee accused of brutally killing a […]

    Dec 16, 2022
    Lebanon 86 Minutes Boudy Sfeir
  • Ellida*

      Based upon Henrik Ibsen’s famous play, The Lady From The Sea. It’s set in a timeless period shot south of Norway where Munch painted his masterpiece The Sun. We follow the journey of Ellida’s world of loss, love […]

    Dec 1, 2022
    United States 85 Minutes Leon Mitchell
  • Finding the Line*

      Official Title: Finding the Line – An Exploration of Structural Integration Boulder Colorado and Esalen Institute USA 1960’s & 1970’s: Resulting from her studies Dr. Ida Rolf developed a program of postural re-patterning using fascial manipulation and movement […]

    Dec 1, 2022
    Switzerland 58 Minutes Aleš Urbanczik, Grzegorz Oleksa
  • The truth about La Dolce Vita*

      October 20 ,1959. Giuseppe Amato, great producer of many masterpieces of the Italian neorealism is alone in a small screening room. In front of him the sequences of Federico Fellini’s “La Dolce Vita” that no other producer had […]

    Dec 1, 2022
    Italy 84 Minutes Giuseppe Pedersoli
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