• The 3 Best Picture Contenders

    The BAFTAs are taking place next weekend in London, and in a bit over a fortnight, we will know this year’s Academy Award winners. Indeed, I’ve already written an article on approximately the same topic several weeks ago, but […]

  • The Lighthouse (Review)

    A few years ago, The Witch became a reference point in my very short list of horror films I really, really like – which is short not because I don’t watch a lot of horror movies, but because so […]

  • 4 Things We Learned From the 2020 Golden Globes

    The 2020 Golden Globes must have been great fun for anyone residing in a suitable timezone to enjoy its live broadcast at a reasonable hour. For the rest of us it was most likely a first-thing-on-Monday-morning-watch, which doesn’t sound […]

  • Interview with our DECEMBER 2019 winner: Marie Vandelannoote

    The final winner of year 2019 is Marie Vandelannoote’s short film Funeral, which deals with a family reunion brought along by the death of one of its members. We had chat with its screenwriter and director, Marie Vandelannoote, who […]

  • Film Resolutions for 2020

    Happy New Year 2020! We at TMFF hope that the new year will bring you lot of success, good health and unforgettable moments. We hope that you will watch a lot of films, and broaden your cinematographic horizons during […]

  • 4 Things to Do This Holiday Season

    Merry Christmas everyone. Just because it’s holiday season doesn’t mean that you should forget about movies this time of the year. Not at all! Films bring us together like few other things do, and create lasting memories. Of course, […]