• 7 Great Pet Films

    By ‘pet films’, we don’t exactly mean films that you should show to your pet while you find something else to do, although we highly encourage watching them alongside your favourite animal(s). In order not to start another cats […]

    by Julian A. Leu Minutes
  • Why Mission: Impossible Stands the Test of Time

    Do action films really need to be part of franchises to do well? Yes and no, with the balance leaning toward the latter. While it might help to have an identifiable hero that does each new installment’s marketing in […]

    by Julian A. Leu Minutes
  • 5 Great Classic Musicals

    One thing that I’ve encountered in conversations with people about films is that they tend to be biased against musicals. It’s not outright hate that’s displayed towards the genre, mind you, but a sort of indifference that’s found in […]

    by Julian A. Leu Minutes
  • Interview with our JUNE 2018 winner: Aimiende Negbenebor Sela

    Today we’re chatting with Aimiende Negbenebor Sela, the writer and director of TMFF’s latest Film of the Month winning entry, Utopia. JL: Aimiende, many congratulations on winning our biggest prize of the month – we thoroughly enjoyed Utopia and the […]

    by Julian A. Leu Minutes
  • Why do audiences love horror films?

    Making a drama film is always a gamble: what if it’s not dramatic enough, or overly-dramatic to the point of hilarity? Then maybe a comedy? Some people completely lack a sense of humour, while others’ might be too refined […]

    by Julian A. Leu Minutes
  • 6 Box Office Flops of Last Year

    Sometimes, you have that one brilliant film idea that should by all means awe everybody. If you also manage to attract a star-studded cast and spend millions on marketing the film-to-be, cash should flow right in, right? Wrong. So […]

    by Julian A. Leu Minutes