• 6 Modern Black & White Films Worth Watching

    As with any technological advancement, there is plenty of debate surrounding the topic of the first colour film. The earliest colour film is often attested to have existed as early as 1902, made by an Edwardian photographer. However, coloured […]

  • True Detective – Season Comparison

    Unless you’ve been living under a rock, True Detective is back since mid-January… and more than half of the new season is already gone. So, I thought that before it’s all over and we once again have to get […]

  • Interview with our JANUARY 2019 winner: Matheus Ronn

    If there’s a month that’s most suitable for mystery, that’s January. It’s cold outside, and the best place to be is inside, cuddled under a couple of blankets and with a warm drink in your hand. And, since this […]

  • 4 Big Contenders for Best Picture Oscar

    In a bit over three weeks, the Academy Awards will take place, sending the entire film world into frenzy yet again. As I mentioned two weeks ago, I much prefer the more quiet appeal of the Golden Globes, as […]

  • Sight vs Sound: Bird Box vs A Quiet Place

    Most of us go about our daily lives by using a combination of both sight and sound in order to perform all our activities. Yet, for some, or in specific situations, one or both of these senses may be […]

  • Interview with our DECEMBER 2018 winner: Irina Velichkova

    The last major award of 2018 goes to Bulgaria – Irina Velichkova wins the big award for her fantastic film, Dream for Happiness, while also bagging the Best Director award. Let’s see what Irina told us about her achievement. […]