• Interview with our JULY 2019 winner: Cengiz Akaygün

    We awarded July’s edition of Film of the Month to The Mandarin Tree, and we’ve managed to exchange a few words with the director, Cengiz Akaygün. JL: Congratulations on your win, Cengiz. We decided to award the top prize […]

  • 7 Iconic Horror Scenes (II)

    A few weeks ago, I was in the mood to talk about horror flicks a for a bit, so I compiled a list of scenes from horror films which I found to be absolute staples of the genre. Not […]

  • Interview with our MAY 2019 winner: M.P. Murdock

    J.L. Congratulations on your win! We were thoroughly impressed by ‘Rorrim‘, continuously on the edge of our seats. How would you describe your project in a single sentence? Murdock: It’s a story about ambition and perseverance disguised as a […]

  • Where to get inspiration for your next screenplay

    Some people might tell you that no matter how original you think your writing is, somebody in the world is bound to have already done it already. Well, not a completely identical story, but a very similar one, perhaps. […]

  • Interview with our JUNE 2019 winner: Tawan Bazemore

    J.L. Congratulations for your great victory! Sound grabs another couple of accolades in an already impressive list. You named your project ‘Sound’. That’s a very ambitious title, and all can go wrong in case you don’t quite deliver. However, […]

  • 6 Great Experimental Films

    Many experimental films, as interesting as they might be, simply aren’t exactly enjoyable to watch. A single non-conventional element, such as narrative, or cinematography, or use of score, might not completely alter the overall experience, but a couple of […]