• Over the Horizon*

      It is a real life story of Alexander Zhuravlev, a blind photographer from Russia, who was able to take a step beyond the horizon of his own possibilities. Alexander, who lives in Russia, turned blind 11 years ago […]

    by Admin Russia 5 Minutes
  • A Fight Against Time*

      Ainara has suffered from cach syndrome since the age of 3. Currently his life is in danger of death in the absence of a cure. The Reina family struggle to overcome a rare disease.   *Only a trailer […]

    by Admin Spain 29 Minutes
  • Handicapable

      A personal glimpse into the lives of three amputees that highlights both their difficulties and inspiring overcomings. It features a war veteran and Paralympic gold medalist, a meningitis survivor and advocate who had her legs and fingers amputated, […]

    by Admin United States 20 Minutes
  • For Her I Get Married

    One disease, one love. What would you do if you saw one of the most important people in your life is about to forget you forever? Albert takes the most absurd decision of his life and he gets married […]

    by Admin Spain 11:04 Minutes
  • Nausea*

    An elderly woman isolated and obsessed with cleanliness is visited by a new social assistant called Agnieszka. Agnieszka has been just three days in this her latest job but the elderly woman doesn’t seem to be willing to make […]

    by Admin Spain 18:44 Minutes