• The Astronot*

      The film follows Daniel McKovsky, a young man who lost both his parents at a young age, and who’s only solace is in his fascination with space travel and the cosmos beyond. Then one day at the age […]

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  • Olvidadizo*

      Following the untimely death of his last daughter Miguel decides to leave his home village, but the ghosts of his dead relatives plot to kill him in hopes of earning their final rest by reuniting the family in […]

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  • Goes without saying

      1920s style short movie. 1927, Charles meets Marguerite, a beautiful washerwoman. By trying to seduce her, Charles triggers a series of unpredicted events that will separate them. He then finds himself in an unknown world…    Password: […]

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  • Heavens (TRAILER)

      Tired of the bureaucracy of the military, a Colonel returns home from a long mission. Soon he faces the same problems he knew from the military, when a golf ball hits him in the head and he ends […]

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  • Ineffable*

      After the tragic death of Helie, Finn’s childhood sweetheart, he is overwhelmed by regret and grief. Finn becomes a despondent recluse, sheltering himself in his room for weeks. One night, locked in silent misery, he receives a mystifying […]

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  • Pitigua*

      A grey kingbird and a red-tailed hawk fight against each other for the light that makes the night and the day.   *Only a trailer is available for now.

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  • Maidens*

      Three maidens journey out to land in search of a mate, and are confronted by the debilitating emotions of mankind.   *Only a trailer is available for now.

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  • Catch of the Day*

      This is a story of timeless love, with an extraordinary twist at the end. As Dylan cares for his dying wife, Gwen, he relives bittersweet memories of their long and happy life together.   *Only a trailer is […]

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