• Textual Relationship*

      Digital love blossoms when Uniquetalent_33 and DarkDemon92 meet each other online. However, when the time comes to actually meet it becomes painfully clear that their physical connection doesn’t quite live up to their online one…   *Only a […]

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  • SNAIL*

      ISSAC, gets the wake-up call of his life when ANNA, his beautiful new neighbor, breaks into his apartment. To his surprise, he falls in love with her. When Anna gets the location of their rendezvous mix up, Issac, […]

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  • In the Meantime (YT)

    In the Meantime follows the life of Charlene, Krystal and Shannon and tells about all the trials and turbulences the three of them have to go through in order to find Mr. Right.  

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