• Window to the World*

      Window to the world is a short film about a photojournalist Eva. How far will she go to get that perfect photo? A photo that perhaps can dominate the news channels she works for.   *Only a trailer […]

    by Admin Netherlands 11 Minutes
  • Shelter

      After a paratrooper platoon lands beyond their drop zone during Operation Market Garden, they are overrun by German soldiers. Three survivors, Corporal Boylen (Ed Stoppard), Lance Corp. Frank Ainsworth (Michael Smiley) and Private Charlie Miller (Jack O’Connell) find […]

    by Admin United Kingdom 16 Minutes
  • Harmonica (TRAILER)

      During the World War II, a young Soviet soldier ANDREY finds out the host hidden in a German family when he searches the city, what surprises him is that, the host is the culprit who raped and killed […]

    by Admin China 1 Minutes
  • The Hun*

      The Hun is a short film drama set in the trenches during the late stages of the First World War. It follows a young American soldier, Private MacDonald, who has just become his company’s new message runner. Facing […]

    by Admin United States 12 Minutes
  • Edelweiss*

      Edelweiss is inspired by a true story discovered within the pages of a WW2 soldier’s journal. We catch a glimpse of the compassion that lies within the hearts of those forced into a life of survival during devastating […]

    by Admin United Kingdom 8 Minutes
  • South Dakota Warrior*

      On June 4, 1942, LtCDR John C. Waldron lead 29 other men into battle…and utter annihilation. 75 years later, he’s regarded as a mutineer, Native American, old man…or the pivot that turned the Pacific War into an American […]

    by Admin United States 17 Minutes
  • A8012 (TRAILER)

      During the second world war, three swiss soldiers waits into a military fort located on a mountain.  

    by Admin Switzerland 2 Minutes

      A game of chess in 1973 reignites the two players’ vivid memories of their fateful meeting during the visceral Great War of 1914. A World War I thriller that sees two unlikely friends rediscovering their humanity amongst the […]

    by Admin United Kingdom 10 Minutes
  • Inherit The Stars*

      A retired Russian-Japanese soldier Eiji Onodera (Keishi Suenaga) was going to his hometown in Japan. But on his way, he was caught and given a new mission by his ex-colleague Captain Vadim Dadikov (Gohnosuke Tokuda). Onodera and his […]

    by Admin Japan 133 Minutes
  • Ten Thousand Camels*

      This short film is the last thirteen minutes in the lives of two good men. A soldier who believes he’s captured a terrorist, and a Middle Eastern man who believes the terrorist has captured him. The film forces […]

    by Admin United States 13 Minutes
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