A 27 year old musician has an invite for an international music festival to put her violin prowess on showcase. But she fears to attend the event due to few unpredictable and hurtful accidents that took place the […]

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  • Leave a print*

      A family of arctic foxes learn to cope with the fact that one of them is fading away.   *Only a trailer is available for now.

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  • Eden*

      In 1974, at a Portuguese Catholic seminary, a boy learns to speak up against what he feels is unjust in a society based on censorship.   *Only a trailer is available for now. Eden Film Review

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  • Sword and Flower*

      Sword and Flower tells a story about memory and reality.A girl seeks for a man who gave her a flower in her childhood. Finally, when she finds the man, she realizes reality is different from her imagination.Sword symbolizes […]

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  • Radiance*

      “Radiance” is a short, semi-autobiographical animation that uses a hand-drawn style. The story centers on a very young girl coping with the loss of her beloved grandmother. Her struggle becomes a journey of self–realization and acceptance.   *Only […]

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  • The Last Fisherman*

      For centuries, Hope Cove in England has been home to a thriving fishing community. But over the years, one by one, the fishermen have left. Follow the lives of the last fisherman David Morgan and his wife Sue, […]

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  • Growing Alice*

      Told from the point of view of Alice’s bedroom mirror, ‘Growing Alice’ depicts her changing relationship with her mother from the day she’s born until her late teens.   *Only a trailer is available for now.

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  • Goes without saying

      1920s style short movie. 1927, Charles meets Marguerite, a beautiful washerwoman. By trying to seduce her, Charles triggers a series of unpredicted events that will separate them. He then finds himself in an unknown world…    Password: […]

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  • A Crystal Carol*

      This slavic/polish inspired short film depicts the story of a poor tramp, who one winter’s night encounters what seems to be an angel. Enchanted by this girl he follows her, not knowing that a horrific creature is following […]

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