• Lifeline

      She is a woman in despair who calls a suicide hotline — not for help, but to say goodbye. He is the operator who takes her call, who must do everything he can to keep her on the […]

    United States 17 Minutes
  • Only the Moon Saw It*

      An old man finally make his mind to rob somebody for putting himself into the jail.   https://drive.google.com/file/d/1UqwhUT-PzOHW9pfacJz0aKclGBSqgrgB/view *Only a trailer is available for now.

    United States 8 Minutes
  • Masks*

      A quiet, young fencer named Aleks, is new at a local fencing school. After his first day, seeing Aleks’s talent, the fencing club’s coach wants Aleks to participate in a regional fencing tournament the next day. During practice […]

    Poland 16 Minutes
  • No No On’nanoko*

      No No On’nanoko is an experimental short film that delves into the subjective mind of a young woman named “Mia”, who thinks she may have brain cancer.   *Only a trailer is available for now.

    United States 10 Minutes
  • Sweet Candy & Techno*

      Three teenagers converge in a tragedy of catastrophic consequences for the heart in modern times. Camilo, a garage rocker, has to choose between Valentina, the hipster girl who could be the love of his life or Macarena, a […]

    Peru 33 Minutes
  • Last Conversation

      Woman meets her partner in a cafe. She has something to tell him. This thing will change their lives.  

    United Kingdom 6 Minutes
  • This Jelly Donut Feeling*

      In „This Jelly Doughnut Feeling”, the shy and dreamy cartoonist Anna is confronted with a cheeky, high-tech smart speaker which wants to help her wake up and take her life into her own hands. This entertaining story mixes […]

    Germany 19 Minutes
  • To Find a Harpy

      There is a bird deep in the forests of South America with legs as wide as a human arm, talons longer than a grizzly bear’s and a grip strong enough to crush bone with ease. The harpy is […]

    United Kingdom 19 Minutes
  • Parasite*

      Parasite is about the conflict between human development and nature. It makes use of stark contrasts color combined with abstract shapes and movement to represent the power of nature and human greed. I want to focus on the […]

    United States 1 Minutes
  • Sexy Apple*

      A man is tempted by an apple.   *Only a trailer is available for now.

    United Kingdom 1 Minutes
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