• With Friends Like These*

      Kathy sits at her computer to compose an email to her estranged husband but is soon overcome by the dubious counsel of the voices of her liquor bottles.   Password: WFLT2018 *Only a trailer is available for now.

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  • See You In Hell*

      Welcome to the hottest show in town! See You In Hell is the story of Charlie, a recently deceased young man stuck on a purgatorial game show where if you lose the game, you lose your soul. Now […]

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  • Asuncion

      Asuncion is a young maid working for a couple of monstrous aristocrats, taking care of their sick baby while doing house chores. When her Masters don’t watch, Asuncion falls asleep from exhaustion and dreams of a forest where […]

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  • Beyond Depth*

      Two friends drive to a party when they crash into another car. The soul of the driver, now in a coma, is faced with a journey through a nowhere land guided by the soul of John the Baptist.He […]

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  • Gaia

      Colossal insectoid creatures migrate across a physical and aural world suspended somewhere between two realities. Ceaseless, rhythmic drones trap the creatures within a complex set of interconnecting organic and cyclic systems.   Password:¬†Northumbria

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  • The Face of Chance

      After coming to terms with the sudden loss of his family, a man is left to question the control he really has over his life.  

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  • The Show

      Bonzo and Gonzo never forgot Jake, who bullied them for being mimes. Now they’ll throw him a show he’ll never forget.  

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