• Hyper*

      “Hyper” is a fantasy web-series of 5 episodes narrating the struggle of a woman against her Nemesis. It shows the toxic relationship with a narcissistic pervert in an original way.   *Only a trailer is available for now.

    Switzerland 6 Minutes

      The 90 seconds lasting clip portrays two outstanding personalities: the Barcelona-based photographer Sebas Romero and the Mercedes Benz AMG G63. In a collage of impressive pictures it’s presented what both protagonists have in common: The eternal strive for […]

    Germany 1 Minutes
  • Almost Grownups Episode 2

      After achieving great success, an obsessive-compulsive middle-aged entrepreneur struggles with midlife crisis issues while his dysfunctional family of childhood friends plus an ex-wife invade his privacy and create more problems for him.   Almost Grownups Episode 2 Film […]

    United States 37 Minutes
  • Northbound

      A short aerial journey through both the Scottish Highlands and Iceland.  

    United Kingdom 1 Minutes

      The MELON SHORTS! These animated gems spring from the warped mind of Mike Shiell, creator of the Wandering Melon Cartoon and a bunch of other fun stuff!  

    Canada 2 Minutes
  • Blind*

      BLIND is a drama about a group of 18-year-olds who like to party, fall in love and generally make a mess of things.   *Only a teaser is available for now.

    Australia 5 Minutes
  • Alpha Channel 59 – Tram

      Alpha 59 is the new De Agostini group channel targetted at a male audience. Over two days of shooting, I directed three short cinema-style promos, each telling a story which begins with an everyday situation before moving to […]

    Italy 1 Minutes
  • Obah-chan

      A compilation of animated shorts revolving around the daily life of Obah-chan, a Japanese grandma. (“Obah-chan” does not have subtitles by choice)  

    United States 4 Minutes
  • A Gift from Rome

      Rome, the Eternal City has endured for over 2,800 years and has a history and an appeal like no other city in the world.  

    Ukraine 3 Minutes
  • The Hobby Warehouse (TRAILER)

      Timothy lands a dream job at Hobby Warehouse as the new product tester, he enthusiastically takes on the role and shows the others in the office how product testing is really done.  

    Australia 1 Minutes
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