• Any Creative Form

      Any Creative Form is an original, six episodes, documentary series, each featuring a young international artist. A journey through the world of six rising talents and their new forms of expression as well as a meditation on artistic […]

    United Kingdom 4 Minutes

      In the early days of fighting the aliens, there where no means to escape the effective field of the black hole bullets. Volunteer soldiers with nothing to loose and help from alien artifacts and guide dogs accomplished these […]

    Finland 5 Minutes
  • Tiny Living Loco

      -A mockumentary about the tiny house phenomenon. Our presenter, Goldie Lochs, has a bad habit of exploring tiny houses, “when the owners are away”. Disclaimer: No laws were broken in the making of this film. However, a lot […]

    United Kingdom 4 Minutes
  • Simple Rotation

      Simple Rotation is an open living system that is in entropy, moving towards equilibrium. It’s a rigid yet fluid body that maintains itself while it develops and evolves, inspired by process and progress – the essence of life. […]

    Germany 4 Minutes
  • Foreign Nationals (TRAILER)

      Tasked to enforce the nation’s immigration laws, a divorced ICE Officer and father of two struggles with the new regulatory agenda of the DHS and the Foreign Nationals living in NYC, leading him to a resilient female immigration […]

    United States 1 Minutes
  • Ian’s Realm (TRAILER)

      An adventure fantasy following an unsuspecting teen as he enters a portal to another world and is thrust into conflict with dragon worshipers — and an epic battle between good and evil. A magical fantasy saga adapted from […]

    United States 2 Minutes
  • Complacency

      Detectives, Barren and Gregory, interrogate Mikaela LeVitte, a woman with a dark and mysterious past, who may have knowledge that could lead to the capture of a vicious serial killer.  

    Canada 12 Minutes
  • Rear View 360

      Experience IOU’s live show Rear View captured in 360° video. This short story takes an unforgettable virtual journey from the intimacy of a life class to the reality of the streets following the story of a life lived […]

    United Kingdom 13 Minutes
  • Glitter Model Season 2*

      Glitter Model is the first animated series to use the glamourous universe of fashion as a backdrop for telling about the adventures of Clara and her best friends Valentina and Giovanna. The Glitter Model stories of are structured […]

    Brazil 22 Minutes
  • Single Man Problems (TRAILER)

      Ronnie Maxwell, a self-conscious gay black man, catfishes his way into finding love while navigating life as a millennial.  

    United States 1 Minutes
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