• Tiny Living Loco

      -A mockumentary about the tiny house phenomenon. Our presenter, Goldie Lochs, has a bad habit of exploring tiny houses, “when the owners are away”. Disclaimer: No laws were broken in the making of this film. However, a lot […]

    United Kingdom 4 Minutes
  • Simple Rotation

      Simple Rotation is an open living system that is in entropy, moving towards equilibrium. It’s a rigid yet fluid body that maintains itself while it develops and evolves, inspired by process and progress – the essence of life. […]

    Germany 4 Minutes
  • Foreign Nationals (TRAILER)

      Tasked to enforce the nation’s immigration laws, a divorced ICE Officer and father of two struggles with the new regulatory agenda of the DHS and the Foreign Nationals living in NYC, leading him to a resilient female immigration […]

    United States 1 Minutes
  • Ian’s Realm (TRAILER)

      An adventure fantasy following an unsuspecting teen as he enters a portal to another world and is thrust into conflict with dragon worshipers — and an epic battle between good and evil. A magical fantasy saga adapted from […]

    United States 2 Minutes
  • Complacency

      Detectives, Barren and Gregory, interrogate Mikaela LeVitte, a woman with a dark and mysterious past, who may have knowledge that could lead to the capture of a vicious serial killer.  

    Canada 12 Minutes
  • Rear View 360

      Experience IOU’s live show Rear View captured in 360° video. This short story takes an unforgettable virtual journey from the intimacy of a life class to the reality of the streets following the story of a life lived […]

    United Kingdom 13 Minutes
  • Glitter Model Season 2*

      Glitter Model is the first animated series to use the glamourous universe of fashion as a backdrop for telling about the adventures of Clara and her best friends Valentina and Giovanna. The Glitter Model stories of are structured […]

    Brazil 22 Minutes
  • Single Man Problems (TRAILER)

      Ronnie Maxwell, a self-conscious gay black man, catfishes his way into finding love while navigating life as a millennial.  

    United States 1 Minutes
  • Unexplainable

      The film “Unexplainable” by Pete Schilling is a visualization of the creative process that normally remains hidden in the mind of an artist. The question: “What is creativity?“, however, can never be fully answered. It’s something magical. Unexplainable. […]

    Germany 1 Minutes
  • The Cottages

      After winning a contest to live rent-free at a coastal community, Dale is happy to accept, until his ex girlfriend makes contact and warns that his life is in jeopardy. Soon he meets his neighbors and learns they […]

    United States 30 Minutes
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