• Behold, Such Clown

    When someone is terminally ill, not even the best doctors in the world can pull a miracle treatment out of the hat and magically heal the person in question. Therefore, with the certain knowledge that the short bit of […]

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  • E-delivery

    Young Gul Cho’s ‘E-delivery‘ impresses from the first moment through the amount and quality of detail entailed by the computer generated graphic. Yes, believe it or not this is an animation. But it looks so real that it will literally […]

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  • New Neighbors

    A black mother moves into a new preponderantly white neighbourhood. With all the killings and assaults on black lives happening around the state she is decided to take somewhat of a rather strange and straightforward approach of going from […]

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    Being a superhero is so hard: all the responsibility, all the dedication, the long working hours (nonstop really – so vacations are not an option; or at least that’s what we imagine, crime doesn’t go on hold) that sometimes […]

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  • Ugly

    A handsome wealthy couple have their first baby. But when the baby is born the mother desperately opposes for her new born child to be introduced to his father. Why? Maybe she knows her husband’s hopes all to well. […]

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  • An American Short Story

    Society doesn’t always reward each one to their own nature and it often fails to protect the ‘disadvantaged’ turning them in change into martyrs. A gang of punks are looking to provoke some trouble and show off. When a […]

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  • My Last Concert

    An old woman blames herself for not having been able to protect a young jewish pianist girl from the SS troop division during the World War II.   Selcuk Zvi Cara’s film ‘My Last Concert’ chooses a well known […]

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  • CYU

    A grieving brother is persistently diving from place to place to find his drowned sister, who disappeared while going diving without mentioning exactly where. She certainly drowned, but her brother can’t have peace before a last goodbye.    Alexandre […]

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  • Twine

    A boy is living under the severe physical and psychological torture of his drunkard father… until one day when he will get a grip on his inner strength and will decide he will never resign to it again.   […]

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  • Cloudstruck Drive

    A sullen man offering rides to people going to the same direction as him, picks up a young, jolly teenager girl on his next trip. While the sullen man learns how to cope with the young presence next to him, […]

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