• At Dawn

    We are all familiar with films describing that almost spiritual communion with nature, in which people find in the fresh air of the mountain or in the ocean breeze a kind of simulacrum of paradise. However, certain directors prefer […]

  • The Mandarin Tree

    A well-known writer once said that people cannot survive without poetry. Director Cengiz Akaygün feels somewhat the same, since his short film talks about the absolute necessity of imagination for the survival of people in extreme conditions. Emerging from […]

  • Inhumanity

    The crazy type of character has changed dramatically in the last few years. No one can see the crazy one with the same eyes after ‘Fight Club’ happened. The universal Tyler Durden-type can be seen in every little character […]

  • Tony

    There are some special directors who, since their first projects, have succeeded in certifying that they have reached their artistic maturity. Hugo Diego Garcia is one of them. And, yes! His short film, ‘Tony‘, is certainly one of the […]

  • The Rats

    Watching ‘The Rats‘, it’s almost impossible not to think about all those pagan superstitions focused on the theme of death. Not accidentally, director Juha Rosma has accessed in his short film a popular ancestral imaginary whose central figure is that […]

  • Something

    Stephen Portland comes with a feature that isn’t at all specific to the horror movies we’re accustomed to. It’s the calm tone of the story that may drive the viewer crazy, and so the whole nuance of ‘Something‘ can […]

  • Going AWOL

    When the age of the protagonists doesn’t exceed eighteen years, we are already in a cinematic area with a strong emotional impact, all the more when these youngsters face reclusion or draconian discipline which inevitably brings out of the […]

  • Behold, Such Clown

    When someone is terminally ill, not even the best doctors in the world can pull a miracle treatment out of the hat and magically heal the person in question. Therefore, with the certain knowledge that the short bit of […]

  • E-delivery

    Young Gul Cho’s ‘E-delivery‘ impresses from the first moment through the amount and quality of detail entailed by the computer generated graphic. Yes, believe it or not this is an animation. But it looks so real that it will literally […]

  • New Neighbors

    A black mother moves into a new preponderantly white neighbourhood. With all the killings and assaults on black lives happening around the state she is decided to take somewhat of a rather strange and straightforward approach of going from […]

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