Written and directed by Joshua Cremer, ‘The Moment of Eternity’ is a feature-length drama that stars Marzel Maraite and Simon Zolotar. The film charts the day-to-day life of an aged man who has obsessive-compulsive disorder. A random event shakes him out of his monotonous life right into the vast unknown.


One of the most powerful films made in recent memory that deals with obsessive-compulsive disorder, ‘The Moment of Eternity’ accurately captures the enduring trauma of living with such a disorder. Showcasing the protagonist completely at the mercy of the disorder, the film is a testament to both the power that OCD holds over individuals and the incredible perseverance of the people dealing with it. As it accurately paints the ironclad grip of the disorder over the individual, the film does not falter in its celebration of the individual afflicted by the disorder.


Undoubtedly, the strongest suit of the film is the acting by its lead, Marzel Maraite. The only major actor in the hour-long picture, Marzel commits to the role of an aged OCD neurotic without fail as he weaves a complex portrayal of a tormented and tortured soul that is a testament to his fantastic method acting. Through his emotional turn, Marzel makes the audience feel each particular moment of his painful life as we are strapped into a roller coaster that takes us on an odyssey of perseverance, steadfastness, and humility. Marzel’s performance showcases some of the very best acting so far this year and will have no problem being nominated for a multitude of awards later in the fall. Equally impressive is the cinematography that not only perfectly encapsulates the hermit-like life of the protagonist but also the various challenges that he has to face in the outside world. Using a combination of visual shots that encapsulate a variety of depths, the audience is provided with an accurate look into the weird and neurotic life of people suffering from OCD. Using both darkness and bright colors to show a constant state of battle taking place within the protagonist’s mind, the film cleverly uses the visual medium to complement its narrative. On an equal note, the fantastic sound design of the film recreates the terrifying mental reality of the protagonist, allowing us to empathize with the character in a way that hits right at our hearts.


A fantastic insight into the world of people with OCD, ‘The Moment of Eternity’ is everything a film aficionado could ask for. It takes a niche topic and goes deep into it, presenting a story that is moving, interesting, and powerful. The direction is fantastic, the acting sublime, and it all comes together at the very end. Joshua Cremer has made a poignant film, one that not only succeeds in more ways than one but moves the audience into understanding the complex and terrifying world of OCD.