From the beginning, we have to state it: ‘Wicked Trails’ is a true masterpiece on a budget!


Why is that? – some will ask… well, because Deepanshu Singh takes one idea to a level we rarely could have imagined being done in a feature with a low budget, and he made it work like no other. To be completely honest, sometimes we judge a movie by how long it takes until we hit the first time the skip button, and in ‘Wicked Trails’ our hands were completely numb because every second had something to it that got us hooked until the end.


The story is quite simple, and at first, it might not sparkle that much interest – a man lost his daughter, and he is willing to do anything possible to a human being to be with her. The plot moves forward  regularly until he finds a way of travelling through space and time to different realities where his daughter is still alive. The plot is extremely intriguing, all the more so since  in the beginning it is said that ‘Wicked Trails’ is one short story from a series written by Deepanshu Singh. This is one more reason why we are so eager to read and watch the whole thing. The images are brilliant; the acting is top-notch, and the soundtrack that creates the most genuine emotions blends the whole thing into a visual journey that can touch your heart in ways you cannot imagine.


The sound environment is just mesmerizing, taking into consideration that it is a movie, which relies on different dimensions. It is an essential part of the film because some scenes create a void around the main character, and the sensation of loneliness has to be foregrounded heavily. We have to repeat it – the soundtrack, even though it’s not original, is both breathtaking and unreal. We could find a lot more adjectives to qualify it, but you have to watch this movie to understand why we are insisting on it. These two essential parts (image and sound) create such a stunning atmosphere that you will forget you are home watching a movie, and instead you will be lost in space, sucked into the adventures of this new Space Odyssey, begging for more.


Deepanshu Singh took independent movie making to another level in ‘Wicked Trails’. We are glad to see that nowadays directors are looking for new forms of filmmaking, with more comprehensive dialogue, and less failed attempts of bad quality CGI. All in all  a truly unique experience!