Rue des fleurs
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Release Year & TMFF Edition:
2014 - May 2015
17 minutes
Till Giermann


” Rue des Fleurs ” provides insights into the life of an old man who is stuck with good conscience in his environment. His Habitat is almost exclusively a apartment, even if it offers neither comfort nor physical security. But it is home and shelter from the outside world. As a forgotten he remains in his life …. as a shadow of his past and the decisions, which were not taken. The boundaries of the insulation surrounding him at all times, but thin out once a day, when the music acts as a social link. What can happen if you interrupt his rhythm and confront him with his social alienation? Even if it is done in good intentions? Can such a stranger respond appropriately on a sincere gesture or unexpected affection?



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  • Eveline Albert

    habe diesen Animationsfilm 3x angeschaut und habe immer wieder neue versteckte Feinheiten zum zentralen Thema Alter und Einsamkeit – ein Anliegen, was unsere Gesellschaft in Zukunft immer mehr- ob wir wollen oder nicht- beschäftigen wird. Es ist ein Film geworden, der mich nachhaltig berührt hat. Für weitere Projekte wünsche ich den Machern weiterhin bei den Themen ein gutes Händchen!

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