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Release Year & TMFF Edition:
Marcelo Presotto
80 minutes
TMFF Awards:
January-February Nominee - Best Feature Film


After the death of his mother, Miguel (Naomi Nero) meets for the first time his mysterious half-sister from his father Lis (Barbara Riethe) and decides to spend a few days in her apartment. Lis is an independent woman who fights against the ghosts of the past and sees herself suspicious, insecure and at the same time curious with the presence of the brother. Miguel establishes himself in the house and this unexpected coexistence raises in them questions about the past. He finds mysterious tarot cards in his sister’s things, which bothers her with this sudden invasion. Lis, still suspicious of her brother’s sudden interest, finds a poster of her mother, a former dancer on a TV show in Miguel’s wallet. In this confrontation, they begin to discover their father’s lies about their history and resolve to call him to account. Noises in the house and confused dreams take this relationship up to the limit, revealing unexpected truths and desires.



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