Maxakalì or the Dance of a Lifetime*
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Release Year & TMFF Edition:
Matthéo Manticello
26 minutes
TMFF Awards:
January Winner - 2nd Film of the Month, Cinematographer of the Month, Original Score of the Month & Actor of the Month


In the depths of the Amazon rainforest during the era of Portuguese colonization, Miguel returns home adorned with stolen native gems, planning his next conquest. Kayapo, a tribesman who lost his son during a Jesuit mission, stumbles upon Miguel’s mansion where he discovers his child’s stolen treasures, evoking painful memories. Maria, Miguel’s wife, who finds Kayapo in her home is initially fearful, but finds compassion and love in Kayapo, leading them on a hallucinatory trip through nature’s wonders. However, Miguel’s return sparks a deadly clash between him and Kayapo, unleashing a surreal battle of past and present, where the spirits of the natives seek vengeance. As the confrontation intensifies, Miguel’s atrocities are exposed, and the forces of the jungle ultimately prevail.


*Only a trailer is available for now.


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