Blood and Ash*
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Costa Rica
Release Year & TMFF Edition:
Kenneth Sanabria
18 minutes
TMFF Awards:
January Winner - Film of the Month, Screenwriter of the Month & Cinematographer of the Month


In a mountain little house, a mother struggles with forced confinement by her husband. Without even being able to open the door, the mother opts for a suicide attempt, but her children find her and suffer with the mother the tense oppressive atmosphere that is in their home. The mother breaks the bag with which she tried to suffocate herself and hands the rope that was tied to her neck to her eldest son, and with no audible words between the family, they decide to act. At night, the mother and her two children wait for her husband with a dinner, but the night turns religiously bloody when the mother decides to put a knife in her husband’s side.


*Only a teaser is available for now.


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