If I didn’t care*
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Release Year & TMFF Edition:
Peter Bjørklund Andersen
49 minutes
TMFF Awards:
October Nominee - Best Feature Film


The over-pleasing Titus always puts others’ needs and happiness before his own. However, when his long-time girlfriend Ella wants them to take the next step and have a child together, he is not sure what he wants, and his indecisiveness makes Ella insecure of his feelings to her. On the contrary, when Titus is suddenly called home to accompany his terminally ill father Sean, who he has not talked to for 10 years, to chemotherapy, he gets a clear urge to confront the man, who was never there for him, and who now suddenly needs his help. Titus is burdened by knowing that a confrontation may well be the last thing he gets to say to his father. Titus must now choose between emotionally hurting his terminally ill father, or go the rest of his life with unresolved issues inside. Titus battles the dilemma on two trips to the hospital, where his dominating father refuses to relinquish control or face the reality of their past and his future. This leads the two past Sean’s local bar and on an expedition to his childhood fishing lake. From his father’s straightforward approach to the world around him Titus learns to stand up for himself and go after the things he wants while he still can. At the same time, he comes to realize just how afraid and vulnerable his father really is.


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