• 3 Good and 3 Bad Characteristics of CGI in Films

    Films have the power to transport us to far-off worlds, let us witness jaw-dropping spectacles, and even bring fantastical creatures to life. And at the heart of this movie-making magic lies CGI, or Computer-Generated Imagery. You’ve probably heard the […]

    Nov 18, 2023
    Julian A. Leu
  • The Main Characteristics of Eastern European Cinema

    I’ve already explored Scandinavian cinema and Irish cinema in previous posts, and I thought I might as well turn this into a series. So, if you’re looking for something different, something that delves into the raw, the real, and […]

    Nov 11, 2023
    Julian A. Leu
  • 7 Films with an Autumny Vibe

    Autumn, with its vibrant leaves and cool breezes, is a season that naturally evokes feelings of nostalgia, warmth, and change. While Halloween often takes center stage during this time of year, there’s a lot more to appreciate in fall […]

    Nov 4, 2023
    Julian A. Leu
  • The Nun II (2023) (Review)

    I feel like I should review a horror film that I’ve seen at the cinema in the month of October. Disappointingly, though, the offer was extremely limited. I had not heard very good things about the latest Exorcist movie, […]

    Oct 28, 2023
    Julian A. Leu
  • Essential Movies to Watch this Halloween

    There’s nothing better than watching horror movies in the fall around Halloween time. If you’re into the notion of a bucket list, plenty of iconic horror movies exist for you to cross off. In this case, we’ll discuss a […]

    Oct 21, 2023
    Joseph Morganti
  • An Analysis of The Green Ray (1986)

    I’ve been meaning to check out films from Éric Rohmer for a while now and finally had the privilege to sit down and view his most popular film—at least on Letterboxd—’The Green Ray‘. It mesmerized me in many ways, […]

    Oct 14, 2023
    Joseph Morganti