• 4 Facts About the 2018 Academy Awards

    The 2018 Oscars came and went, a bit later than the normal scheduling of late February. The 3 hours and 53 minutes long ceremony, hosted by Jimmy Kimmel for the second year running, awarded its famous statuettes to the […]

    by Julian A. Leu Minutes
  • How Silent Films Work

    The word ‘movie’ has its origin in the syntagma ‘moving picture’, also known as ‘motion picture’, which accurately, if rather simplistically described what an ensemble of successive pictures would be called. In the beginning, films implied motion, but no […]

    by Julian A. Leu Minutes
  • BAFTA Awards 2018

    Another one of the big ceremonies has come and gone – the BAFTA Awards took place on Sunday, 18 February 2018 in London, UK. This meant that, for once, us Europeans could watch a winter season award without having […]

    by Julian A. Leu Minutes
  • 10 Films that Critics Loved but Viewers Disliked

    People will never agree with each other – it’s a fact. Their tastes, experiences, levels of education, attention spans and temporary factors that affect the enjoyment one can get from a film all impact their perception of a given […]

    by Julian A. Leu Minutes
  • The Star Wars Cash Cow

    Star Wars Episode I was the first film – animations excluded – that I distinctly remember watching at the cinema, with my dad. It came out in 1999, 16 years after the Original Trilogy had concluded with Return of […]

    by Julian A. Leu Minutes
  • 5 Facts About the 2018 Oscars

    The Oscar nominations have finally been announced this week, and save for a few surprising omissions, the list is pretty much as everyone expected it to be. We’re not here to discuss the potential award winners – we’ve had […]

    by Julian A. Leu Minutes