• 8 Great Football Films

    The FIFA World Cup in Russia started almost a week ago, so I guess there’s no pressing need for something to put us into a footballing atmosphere. Not to mention the fact that it is rather difficult to squeeze […]

    by Julian A. Leu Minutes
  • Cannes 2018 Highlights

    Cannes came and went, and under no circumstances could we miss the opportunity of talking about it for a bit. As opposed to the big three of Golden Globes, BAFTAs and Academy Awards, who are all aimed at a […]

    by Julian A. Leu Minutes
  • 6 Important Cuts in Film

    Did you know that Hitchcock’s scenes were around 10 minutes long each? He would only cut when his camera ran out of film, which made it rather difficult for the actors: the slightest fuck-up could ruin the previous 9 […]

    by Julian A. Leu Minutes
  • The Shifts in Film Marketing (II): Star Wars

    A few months ago, we talked extensively about the money-making machine that the Star Wars franchise started to be (again) shortly after it was acquired by Disney, and started rolling out sequels, spin-offs and TV series plans. Back then, […]

    by Julian A. Leu Minutes
  • 6 Series to Watch Now

    The April-May interval of the year was commonly known in the last few years as ‘Game of Thrones time’. There has rarely been a TV series that captured such a large segment of the market as Game of Thrones […]

    by Julian A. Leu Minutes
  • The Shifts in Film Marketing (I): Deadpool

    Everything tangible or intangible in our world needs to be marketed. Whether it’s a chocolate bar, a book, a hotel room, a car towing service or, in our case, a film, it needs to generate some buzz in order […]

    by Julian A. Leu Minutes