• Screenwriting Software Selection

    A couple of weeks ago we were talking about sources of inspiration for film projects; after all, knowing what you want to write about before actually starting to put words on paper is very important. Otherwise, you’ll end up […]

    by julianleu
  • Top 7 Films Set During A Heatwave

    It’s a commonly known fact that summer is the warmest season of the year. Therefore, I would think it natural for warmth during this season to be expected. However, year in year out, we are constantly bombarded with news […]

    by julianleu
  • David Lynch – The Master of Unconventionality

    More often than not, it’s quite easy to attribute one or two defining characteristics to the projects of a director – they appear as recurring themes and frameworks throughout much of what they direct. Woody Allen has provided us […]

    by julianleu
  • Top 5 Under 5 Pages Screenplay Festivals

    Did you know that J.K. Rowling told the story of a certain wizard named Harry Potter in 4224 pages? That’s all books combined, and it’s quite a fair amount, in all honesty. But this statistic shouldn’t put you off […]

    by julianleu
  • Research for Writing Screenplays

    Have you ever woken up in the morning and said to yourself ‘I want to write a screenplay today’? I know I have, quite often actually. There’s something special about placing words on paper and watching them turn into […]

    by julianleu
  • 7 French Films to Watch on France Day

    The countdown to celebrating the National Day of France has begun: seven days left until 14 July. Just like the storming of Bastille way back in 1789 represented a turning point in the French Revolution, French cinema has also […]

    by julianleu