A Look at a Recurring Theme in Film Festivals

Casinos have a distinct appeal that covers almost every artistic facet of life. From the obscure art works in Las Vegas to the exhibition spaces of the Bellagio, these entertainment establishments are ideal avenues that highlight talent. In a way, the bright lights, the inviting sounds, and the overall atmosphere of casinos also perfectly reflects the grandness of performance arts. Whether the visual spectacles of Cirque du Soleil or the auditory wonders of the Blue Man Group, social gaming institutions provide a total experience through and through.

These set-ups are not just limited to actual casinos, but also apparent on its online counterparts. Different gaming platforms have spurred each other on to come up with the most convenient ways to play and the most eye-catching designs. Gala Casino, for one, even took advantage of the ease of mobile gaming, as well as incorporated movie themes like the Incredible Hulk and Gladiator. This is also proof why visual arts such as films can be closely associated with casinos.

Film festivals are a systematic and comprehensive presentation of movies in one or more screening venues. On paper, these events were viewed as trade shows for filmmakers to showcase their craft and invite potential distributors. Aside from the more popular Cannes and Sundance, there are also those up-and-coming ones held at casinos that give artists equal break without sacrificing proper exposure.

The Nevada International Film Festival is the state’s annual, non-traditional celebration of some of the finest minds in the worldwide cinematic landscape. It recognizes independent filmmakers from different categories like short films, documentaries, and animations. In addition, the Nevada International Film Festival presents various genres ranging from drama and horror to action and comedy.

There’s also the Canada International Film Festival, which is an event exclusively held each year inside the beautiful Edgewater Casino in downtown Vancouver. This festival aims to create plenty of opportunities for artists, as well as stimulate healthy interaction amongst independent filmmakers and the general movie-going public. Other than the main culmination, festivalgoers fashion their own experience through private parties and nightly gatherings.

prettier-cinevegas-logo-707772While these aforementioned annual casino and film events are still going strong, there are also the ones that have been cancelled yet did its job in terms of exposing talented independent artists. Palms Casino Resort in Paradise, Nevada was once the venue of a film festival called CineVegas. It ran from 1999 to 2009, with the late Dennis Hopper serving as the chairman of the creative advisory board. CineVegas held world premiers of movies such as Land of the Dead and Bubba Ho-tep, as well as the advanced screening of Ocean’s Thirteen. Furthermore, the festival had honorees that included the likes of Anthony Hopkins, Ben Kingsley, and Helen Mirren to name a few.

In hindsight, casinos and movies have complemented each other in more ways than one. They symbolize the style and the allure of their respective areas, all while showcasing the varied emotions of people through different mediums.

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