Top 10 Animation Film Festivals

Many of us hear animation and think of cartoons playing on Saturday morning. Animation is so much more than that. Animated films are much more than simply funny. Many animated films span the range of film, from dramas to science fiction, tragedies to documentaries.

This is a list of just a few of the film festivals in the world that specialize in animated films.

  1. Annecy International Animation Film Festival – This festival was a part of Cannes International Film Festival but now stands alone. It is located in Annecy, France and takes place every 2 years.

  2. Holland Animation Film Festival – 5 days a year and takes place in several locations around the Netherlands, this festival highlights emerging talents.

  3. Red Stick International Animated Festival – One of the largest events in the U.S., Red Stick is located in Louisiana. It promotes the art of animation.

  4. VIEWFest Digital Movie Festival – VIEWFest is located in Turin, Italy. It is the international festival of animation and 3D cinema. It is open to the works of all genres and visual forms.

  5. London International Animation Film Festival  – This is a 10-day event in London, UK and runs in August and September. The goal is to show that animation isn’t only for kids.

  6. Anima – In Brussels, Belgium, Anima Film Festival has competitions and wants to raise awareness of animation among film and television districts.

  7. Stuttgart Festival of Animation – This festival focuses on artistic films and the support of talented, young people. It is located in Stuttgart, Germany.

  8. Anima Mundi – Anima Mundi takes place every year and is located in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. It presents diversity of animation styles and techniques.

  9. Fantoche International Animation Film Festival – In Baden, Switzerland, Fantoche Film Festival is devoted exclusively to the full array of animation techniques, content, and media.

  10. Cinanima – Cinanima is dedicated to the world of animation. Located in Espinho, Portugal, this festival invites animators from around the world to enter its competition.

Because animation is only limited by the imaginations of the artists, the director, and the talents that create these outstanding films, both long and short, it is so much more than cartoons. It is a world full of drama, humor, and excitement.

Article written by Bob Peryea for The Monthly Film Festival 



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