5 Amazon Series to Watch

Since two weeks ago I presented you with a selection of Netflix shows to watch, this time I wanted toTale change platform and delve into Amazon Prime. Because there haven’t been that many interesting new releases in 2021 so far, I took a step back and selected a couple of older ones as well. And although Prime doesn’t have the geographic diversity that Neflix takes pride in when it comes to their shows, I nevertheless tried to keep a good diversity in terms of genres and topics.

1. Tales from the Loop

This series follows the residents of a fictional town in Ohio, which is also home to a centre for experimental physics. This centre houses The Loop, a machine built to unlock and explore the mysteries of the universe. Based on the art book of the same name by Swedish artist Simon Stalenhag, it so far boasts a season of 8 episodes.

2. Tell me your Secrets

This is a new series, that only premiered earlier this month.It is a crime thriller that follows three main characters, each with their own troubled backstories. All of them have something in common, and their motivations become increasingly blurred as more and more questions about their respective situations start to emerge.

3. Goliath

I’m not usually a fan of lawyer dramas, but I picked this one up solely due to the fact that Billy Bob Thorton has the main role, and haven’t regretted my decision. It’s somewhat similar to Better Call Saul, but that comparison alone would not do it justice. Goliath is much darker – although it retains some comedic bits – and tells its underdog story in a largely different way.

4. Upload

What will the technology of the future be able to do? In this show, it can enable people to choose their afterlife by transferring their consciousness into a virtual world. The main character, who suffers an untimely death, is given this opportunity – but things are not as rosy as they initially seem to be, as questions arise about his death.

5. Undone

After a car accident that almost kills her, the protagonist discovers a special ability that gives her the opportunity to manipulate and move time to her will – which offers her a clear upper hand in life. The development of supernatural abilities following a near-death experience is not necessarily a fresh idea, but the comedic direction in which this show pushes it gives it a unique feel.



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