Youtube Movie Channels

More and more emphasis is being placed on the ability for people to create content without having to be a part of a major organization. YouTube is one of the platforms that have worked to help support creators. Over the last few years though, we have seen a startling growth in YouTube channels that produce movies, including feature-length movies. With the power of modern technology, many of them don’t even feel as if they are low budget.

Want to watch a movie this weekend and support independent filmmakers? Take a look at these YouTube channels and enjoy.


For all those that love science fiction then you need to check out DUST on YouTube. DUST releases independent movies from producers around the world. Each movie varies in length from only a few minutes to longer short-films. A new short film is released on the platform every Thursday and Saturday. They have also been a part of debuting films at film festivals.


Everything horror can be found on the short-film YouTube channel Alter. With remarkable filmmakers from around the world, your senses are sure to be engaged, including your fear. The channel has over 140 videos and growing. Try watching The Dollmaker, their most popular film about a mother who tries bonds with a magical doll after her child dies.


Do you want to learn more about the world around you and overseas? Enjoy some quality comedy? Viddsee posts a variety of short-films from independent producers around the world. There are some remarkable pieces that help provoke deep thought on their channel, including some amazing documentaries.

For those who don’t want to use YouTube to view Viddsee you can also download their app on your iPhone or Android device.

DW Documentary

Packed full of documentaries touching on just about every topic, DW Documentary hosts mainly documentaries from German producers but also brings together a collection of other documentary producers. Under the playlists section you can view their various different categories of videos from technology to history to travel. All of these are available for free.

Future Shorts

Future Shorts is a YouTube channel that posts short films from a variety of categories. The channel has over 600 videos from around the world. The company is more than a YouTube channel though, they also have pop-up short film festivals around the world. Content on the channel varies greatly, giving you access to a large amount of quality content.

Keep an eye out for their pop-up festivals but you can also try one of their parent company’s amazing Secret Cinema experiences where a movie (or part of a movie) is brought to life around the audience.

Maverick Movies

Maverick Movies is a bit different of a YouTube channel. Instead of posting content that is exclusive to YouTube, you can also find the independent content from their channel in stores across the world.

Independent filmmakers in niche categories turn to Maverick to help distribute their films. While some of their channel is trailers and ads, they have a variety of free feature length indie movies.

Some of the genres that Maverick Movies distributes include: LGBTQ, niche horror movies, African American, Inspirational, niche Sci-Fi, and more.

Movies entrain, inspire, and educate us. Until the power of the internet we were severely limited in access to independent and alternative movie content. YouTube is an amazing platform for watching not just YouTube videos but also short-films and full-length movies. On our list here you will only see channels that have collections of films, there are also plenty of filmmakers that post to their own YouTube channels, taking the time to browse through YouTube can provide an amazing experience.



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