What We Know About Indiana Jones 5

Two weeks ago we were talking about Spielberg and his newest film, Ready Player One – which has been doing remarkably well both in terms of reviews and of box office. He has over the years expressed his desire to work on another Indiana Jones project – and recently, more concrete info on the subject has been shed. The short story is that it’s actually happening, and the film will presumably hit the theatres in July 2020. So it’s still a fair way away, but not THAT far, considering the decade break from the last installment that we have already.

Harrison Ford will return one last time

Star Wars will not have been the only franchise that the much love actor will have made a comeback to. Harrison Ford will once again be the star man in Indiana Jones 5, and this is presumably for the final time. Spielberg has no intention of killing off the character at the end of the film (as it happened in… well, you know), but he aims to give Dr Jones some sort of suitable sending off.

A chance to end on a high note

I am one of those weird people who enjoyed Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. No, I absolutely do not believe that it’s anywhere close to the original three, but it still entertained me, amused me and gave me the Indiana Jones feels that only… well, only Indiana Jones flicks can. However, considering that Indiana Jones 5 will be the last film to feature the iconic characters, everyone can put in a little bit more effort, and make it the ending the franchise deserves.

That being said, not exactly an ending

I was afraid of this, and I was not surprised when I read something along these lines. Apparently, Spielberg himself said that while Indiana Jones’ character would not return for any future work, the franchise will not come to a close. There could be a reboot in question, featuring a younger adventurous archaeologist, male or female. Considering the 46 new Star Wars films in production, this does not come as a surprise, but it also makes be a little bit sad. Indiana Jones is not James Bond, and doesn’t need countless sequels and spin-offs. Less is more, sometimes, isn’t it?

Where is Indy Junior? Not here.

For anyone who watched Crystal Skull and hasn’t instantly screened it out as irrelevant, you will remember the presence of Indy Junior – Mutt Williams, played by Shia LeBoeuf. Well, he won’t be anywhere to be seen in Indy 5: whether this is simply a decision related to the character in question, or something to do with LeBoeuf, we don’t know. What we do know is that it means the original Indy will presumably play a larger role than he did in the previous installment, which is good news.

Filming next year in the UK

Steven Spielberg, who will once again direct the Indiana Jones project, will start shooting next year, in the UK. Does this mean that the film’s setting will shift from the exotic jungles or deserts it is usually home to, towards the rainy landscapes of Britain? Or are they simply using some of the outstanding scenery of the country in order to add to the memorability of the sendoff? Guess we’ll find out in two years!



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