Top 10 Winter Themed Film Festivals

The best thing about the festive season is wrapping up warm, snuggling up with a cup of cacao and popping on a Christmas film sure to get you in the holiday spirits. Whether it’s an old favourite you’re after, or a terrifying short, the list below is sure to cover your every movie need.

  1. Holiday Spirits – A Night of Alternative Holiday Films

    A part of the “Film Society: Little Rock”, this festival is all about screening holiday films with an alternative edge. Having only screened short films, this year they’ve opened their doors to features as well. If you find yourself in the Little Rock area on December 19th, head down to the “Joint Theatre and Coffee House” at 7:30 for some festive bing watching.

  2. Krampus Night – A Holiday Art & Film Benefit Extravaganza

    Although this festival might have already passed, make sure to scribble it in your diaries for 2017. Taking place annually in Detroit, Krampus pays tribute to the old folk tale of the “swellest” devil that accompanied St. Nick on his rounds before Christmas; punishing all the naughty children in his sight.  Praising the more “Non-traditional” holiday themed films, this festival is not just about movies, but a whole event in itself. And yes, you can even bring your kids – if you dare!

  3. Festive Film Festival

    Now in its third year, The Festive Film festival taking place on December 18th in Portland, screens festive shorts from around the globe for the whole family. And guess what, tickets are only $5! So why not munch on some buttery popcorn while watching a whole collection of holiday films sure to get you in the holiday mood.

  4. Weihnachts Film Festival

    Germany’s first Christmas Film Festival screens movies of all variety; they even have a horror category. Feeling for a festive short? They got them! Want something a little longer, but don’t want to commit too much? Look no further! Looking to get really stuck in to something new and exciting? Yup, this festival has it all. Oh, and guess what, the audience gets to vote for their favourite movie.

  5. Christmas Film Festival

    Now this festival really has all your bases covered. They run two parts of the festival simultaneously. The first screens children’s movies, aimed to delight the little ones, while at the same time, you adults can be terrified out of your wits with their horror films. But do not fear parents, the festival coincides with the Portsmouth Christmas Fayre, so afterwards you can calm your nerves with some roasted chestnuts.

  6. The Leeds International Film Festival

    The Leeds international film festival isn’t typically a festival with new and original films, however they do show your Christmas favourites on the big screen. This years line up includes “It’s A Wonderful Life”, “Home Alone”, “The Nutcracker And The Snowman”, “Life Of Brian”, “Elf” and many many more. So take a break from your small home TV screen, and watch these bad boys the way they were meant to be watched.

  7. The Christmas Floating Film Festival

    Want to watch your holiday favourites on the big screen, sipping on mulled wine and snuggling into beanbags, all while staring out at St Katherine Docks? Starting on the 10th December, if you’re a London local, head on down and let your inner child out while watching favourites such as “The Chronicles Of Narnia”, “A Christmas Carol” and even “Die Hard” – Wait, is that really a holiday film?

  8. Christmas with Alchemy

    As a part of the Alchemy Film and Moving image festival, this is a new event, looking to celebrate their recent successes, by holding a bunch of workshops and informative sessions for all you filmmakers out there looking to get your productions into the festival circuit. Oh, and the event it free, as are the mince pies. It’s a win-win in my book.

  9. Dark Christmas Film Festival

    Premiering 10 new shorts all with scary festive themes, this festival is sure to get your fearing Christmas Eve. With presents, prizes and even a party, this event is set to be a thrilling one for all you Utah natives, and hey all proceeds go to support mental health programs in the Utah community – something to remind yourself of while you’re scared out your wits.

  10. Fandependent Films

    So this isn’t technically winter themed, but this is a good one to know about for all you feature length filmmakers out there. The Fandependent festival will be opening their doors in January for their winter season, meaning, if you have a feature film you’re trying to get into festivals, this one is for you. Oh, and did we mention you can actually make some money off of this? Check it out. We promise you wont regret it.

Article written by Alexa Berry for The Monthly Film Festival



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