Film Festivals Going Online

With film festivals cancelled and movie theaters closed, many movie enthusiasts are starting to worry about missing out on the greatest cinema releases this year. However, technology is making sure that we won’t miss out on the latest releases as we continue to stay at home. This year, there’s a ton of great film festivals going virtual, allowing you to enjoy the best screening in 2020 without leaving the comfort of your home.

Ashland Independent Film Festival: 22nd May – 14th June

Since 2001, the Ashland Independent Film Festival (AIFF) has been organized every spring by the Southern Oregon Film Society. The festival celebrates domestic and international features and short films in almost every genre. That includes documentary, animation, comedy, and drama.

Due to the ongoing social distancing advice, fans will not be able to attend the 19th annual Ashland Independent film festival in person. However, the AIFF board has been working to ensure that loyal patrons access the festival from their home’s safety. The board is currently inviting fans to join in the three-week virtual presentation, running from 22nd May to 14th June.

We Are One Film Festival: 29th May – 7th June

With all the 2020 Oscars questions answered, movie fans worldwide are eagerly waiting to see what’s next in the market. Fortunately, film festivals worldwide have together to create the We Are One Global Film Festival. The festival will be freely available on YouTube, running for 10-days starting from 29th May.

The festival is organized by YouTube and Tribeca Enterprises, in collaboration with the Cannes Film Festival, Toronto International Film Festival, Venice Film Festival, and Sundance Film Festival. However, the organizers are yet to reveal the movie line-up they’ll feature, though no prominent feature films from canceled festivals are expected.

Toronto Jewish Film Festival: 30th May – 7th June

With in-person attendance momentarily banned for health and safety reasons, the TJFF (Toronto Jewish Film Festival) will be staged in two parts this year. The first part will take place online from 30th May to 7th June, featuring films from France, the USA, Canada, Germany, Australia, Uruguay, and Macedonia.

This year, the curated TJFF online festival will feature 30+ films from all over the world, including comedies, dramas, documentaries, and short films. However, it will cost you $200 to get access to the entire festival from the beginning to the end. Nonetheless, you can wait for the second half of this festival, expected to be hosted in city theatres this fall, from 22nd October to 1st November.

Vancouver’s Doxa Documentary Festival: 18th – 26th June

Presented by a Vancouver-based charitable society, the Doxa Documentary Festival will be staged online this year, starting from 18th to 26th June. Normally, the festival is held early in May, but things have changed this year due to the ongoing stay-at-home directive from the government. As such, this year’s Doxa Documentary virtual festival will include live events, alongside pre-recorded questions and answers.

Montreal Fantasia Film Festival: July 16th – 5th August

With the film festival season fast approaching, it’s going to be hard for most organizers to stick to their original plans. Recently, the Fantasia Film Festival traditionally staged in Montreal, decided to go digital this year due to the ongoing global crisis. Originally, the festival was planned to start on 16th July and run through 5th August.



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