Top 10 Weirdest Film Festivals

There has always been an element of weird in film. From the first silent films with bizarre vampires to surreal movies that move in and out of the future, the visions of filmmakers have been captured on film for the world to see.

This list compiles some of the best and the weirdest film festivals in the world. From Denver to Armenia, there is a film festival for every taste.

  1. Mile High Horror Film Festival – Meant to give you goosebumps, this film festival showcases the best international horror films. The festival brings terror to American shores.

  2. Golden Apricot Film Festival – Based on the theme “Crossroads of Cultures and Civilizations, this film festival takes place in Armenia every year in July.

  3. Incredibly Strange Film Festival – The name pretty much says it all, this festival held in New Zealand, screens bizarre films that wouldn’t be seen anywhere else.

  4. Cinema in the Cemetery – This weird festival shows all the cult classics in a cemetery in Australia.

  5. International Random Festival – All things random at this weird festival. It’s run in a randomly selected location and date with random awards.

  6. Fake Flesh Film Festival – Filmmakers direct their own parodies of movies. Held in Vancouver, Canada, this festival will make you laugh.

  7. KahBang Festival – Held in Maine, US, the seemingly normal event focuses on new film makers. Kevin Bacon from Footloose, hands out awards named after him and he picks winners based on their connections to Footloose.

  8. Yubari International Fantastic Film Festival – This fest takes place in Japan and apparently the name doesn’t lie. This fantastic festival got shut down then re-opened after money was raised to save it.

  9. International Moustache Film Festival – The theme to this festival in moustaches. The movie must be moustache-related or a key cast member must have a moustache.

  10. Bring Your Own Film Festival – Could this be called laziness or ingenious? Film-makers can just bring their own films and show them; the organizers don’t have to choose films to show.

These festivals might not be Cannes, but the honor of an award is important to every director, producer, and actor. The playfulness, creativity, and ingenuity of these film festivals is a direct reflection of the kinds of people who make film.

Which of these festivals are you most like to go to? Are there any that are just too crazy for you?

Article written by Bob Peryea for The Monthly Film Festival 



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