The Future of Cinema Predicted

Predicting anything in the movie world is a bit ludicrous, considering how impossible it is to portray anything accurately. However, total guesswork in cinema isn’t the only thing worth considering since there are usually general signs that can help make a better assumption.

Regardless, we’re here to have fun, right? Who doesn’t love making guesses about the future of cinema? All joking aside, I thought it’d be fun to put some thoughts to paper regarding the future of movies and what that means. Some related topics include the evolution of blockbusters, if theatres are here to stay, streaming, and a resurgence of physical media.

Death of Superhero Movies

Marvel and DC haters alike will rejoice over this headline. Even as a non-fanatic of superhero movies—especially over the last few years—I’m not making this prediction solely on a distaste for the genre. If you look at movie trends and popularity within genres, everything comes to an end someday.

Now, we might’ve never experienced a movie genre domination to this degree, where it’s the only thing towering over the box office for the most part. However, with films within the genre becoming less and less acclaimed and superhero movies’ sheer oversaturation, audiences will eventually grow tired. I’m slowly starting to see that now, and some day, these won’t be the only massive-budget movies being made to the degree that they are.

Are Theatres Here to Stay?

Pretty much anyone who loves movies simultaneously loves going to the movies. It’s a relaxing yet exhilarating experience that lets us peace out from whatever’s happening in the real world. The pandemic really hindered movie theatres and almost fast-tracked them to their demise.

Many wonder if movie theatres are here to stay or if streaming will finally overtake them. I think theatres might play fewer movies within the next 50 years and instead rely on whatever blockbusters are expected to do well. That means indie and lower budgets may totally shift to streaming or online platforms. Maybe theatres will remain how they are for the most part, but it all depends on they bounce back post-Covid, which seems positive at the moment.

The Evolution Of Blockbusters

Many regarded 2022 as a fresh year of the blockbuster since there are a few other entries into the blockbuster world outside of the usual superhero fandom. With the success of Top Gun: Maverick and Avatar: The Way Of Water, what does that mean for the evolution of blockbusters?

Is that proof that audiences will see a major blockbuster if it’s marketed and executed correctly? Maybe that’ll shift to more studios lending larger budgets with the hope of having the next Top Gun or Avatar franchise, but who knows, I suppose we’ll see! With my luck, we’ll probably get another lousy reboot of the Fantastic Four that we don’t need.

More Streaming

Streaming has many pros and cons, and if one thing’s for certain, streaming isn’t going away. It’s easy to assume streaming will overtake what we know as cable or satellite television, but how that’ll change movie theatres for years to come isn’t totally known yet at the moment.

If one thing’s for sure, streaming will continue to evolve with new platforms attempting to offer the best package at the best rate. Nowadays, there are way more platforms than even a few years ago. It’s no longer just Netflix, but an entire array of apps to check out and explore.

A Resurgence of Physical Media?

Vinyl records have been increasing in popularity in the music world, and no one expected them to return as they did. With that in mind, many ponder if there will someday be a resurgence of physical media—DVDs, Tapes, Blu-Ray, and whatnot—in the movie world.



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