The Bitcoin Films of 2018 and Beyond

If there’s one thing cinema likes to explore, it’s controversial subjects, and little has divided the world in recent years to quite the same extent as bitcoin. Hailed by many as heralding a new era of opportunity and innovation, it has been criticized by others as a volatile bubble of a currency.

Little wonder, then, that a number of scriptwriters, directors, and production teams have seized on the concept, and decided to translate it onto the silver screen. With several exciting cryptocurrency related flicks having already hit or being touted to hit cinemas in 2018, here are a few thought-provoking futuristic titles to look out for when you’re next selecting a movie.


Released in July 2018, Superfly is a remake of the 1972 crime drama of the same name, with the biggest difference being that it swaps cash for crypto. Belonging firmly in the ‘exploitation’ genre, it’s all too happy to explore themes others in the industry have shied away from – in this instance, not only taboos like drugs, sex, and violence, but digital cash and crime too.

It’s this that makes it such an engrossing watch. The debut movie for Julien Christian Lutz, who’s best known for his musical collaborations with Drake, Jay-Z, and Rihanna, Superflymoves the action from Harlem to Atlanta, and places a compelling protagonist at its centre. Played by the talented and charismatic Trevor Jackson, Youngblood Priest is a drug dealer looking to quit the business following a clash with a crazed rival. Hoping to carry out one last score before he escapes the industry forever, it’s crypto he wants to be paid in.

Mingling old school crime and cryptocurrency in a single stroke of cinematic genius, this is definitely one to watch.

Chasing 6,000 Bitcoins on a PC Sold to a Pawn Shop 

It’s fair to say bitcoin is becoming ever more prevalent. Now accepted everywhere from gaming shops to gambling outfits, it’s becoming increasingly accepted and trusted, with BitStarz and its review providing just one of the many examples of how it can be used day to day.

Although it’s actually one of the safest ways to transact in existence, bitcoin does offer some small margin for human error, and it’s this that drives the plot behind Chasing 6,000 Bitcoins. Shot in Russia and not yet released, this movie in the making has a storyline that revolves around two young men from Kazan, who are on the hunt for a lost crypto fortune.

Attempting to trace and retrieve the 6,000 coins stored on a hard disk, college students Igor and Artur become embroiled in a number of comedic but life-threatening situations, as they desperately try to retrieve their erroneously pawned PC. Funny, engaging, and packed full of action, this is a fun flick for the techno generation.


Appropriately titled, Bitcoin is another comedy that capitalizes on cryptocurrency to make a modern-day movie marvel. Telling the tale of a down-on-his-luck suburban father and his deadbeat brother, it follows the duo as they convert an anonymous bitcoin account into the cold, hard cash they need. The debut offering from filmmaker Christian Cashmir, it’s sure to provide some excellent entertainment as the brilliant, belly laugh-inducing pairing find themselves $20 million richer.

Which of these futuristic films would you be most interested in seeing?



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